Mindbridge SuperCommittee Meeting at ICON 47

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes-waved
  3. Treasurer’s Report (Jon): much
  4. IT Officer (Adam): n/a
  5. Storage Manager (Pat): n/a
  6. Convention Reports
    1. ICON (Oct 14-16, 2022)
      1. Post mortem in November
      2. Happening Now
      3. Great feedback
    2. Gamicon (Next Gamicon Feb 24-26, 2023)
      1. Oct 23rd at 6pm on Discord
      2. Working on
        1. Covid policy
        2. Layout
      3. Inventory happening durning ICON
    3. AnimeIowa (July 28-30, 2023)
      1. Next Meeting Nov 5th hybrid meeting
      2. Doing well
      3. Working on getting staff together
      4. Oct 31st project lead deadline
  7. Other Projects
    1. Game Library (Amanda)
      1. Sm amount of checkouts, but the room was well used.
      2. Inventory happening at ICON
    2. Video Game Library (Adam): Games found after AI gained two new games
    3. Book Group: Time: Unnatural Magic by C.M. Wagner: Online, please talk to Cath or Michele for link if needed
  8. Old Business
    1. Team Gamicon is running an Extra Life event the week after ICON.
      1. What: Free event with great games, costume contest and prizes! All money raised will go to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital.
      2. Where: Grace Community Church, North Liberty
      3. When: Oct 22, 10 AM – 4 PM
    2. Expect new Google meeting invites for future meetings.
  9. New Business
    1. Recommending changing the name to the Mindbridge meeting at Conventions to Learn about local Cons (Mindbridge)
    2. Movie Night Request
      1. Black Adam Comes out Oct 21st
      2. Black Panther comes out in Nov
    3. Shopping cart functions used for registration for ICON
    4. Mindbridge Discord: Keeps the chats
    5. If there are any problems or questions address them to Sheril from now until Nov 2 meeting
  10. Next Meeting: Wednesday Nov 2 at 6pm online.