Video Game Library


The Mindbridge Video Game Library is dedicated to its goals of promoting video gaming as a recreational and artistic platform, making video gaming available to members of our community, and preserving video game hardware and software so that people of all ages can enjoy games new and old.

Our Video Game Library makes appearances at all three of the Mindbridge Foundation’s major projects: ICON, Gamicon, and AnimeIowa. We are also available for rental to other individuals and organizations.


The Video Game Library Committee oversees all aspects of the project, including doing a regular inventory, testing and maintenance of equipment, organizing tournaments, and doing reviews on games and hardware. If you would like to be part of this committee to do any of the above, or assist with managing the Library at our various convention appearances, please contact us for more information.

Contact Us

The Video Game Library can be reached the following ways:


Inventory Management – Originally created as a way to manage the growing collection of hardware and games that were part of the AnimeIowa Video Game Department’s inventory, this is still one of the key projects for the Library. Here we perform regular inventories and testing, maintain a wishlist of desirable additions to the library, and work with partners to make acquisitions for the library.

Convention Staffing – On top of making our library available to the other Mindbridge conventions, we also help with providing appropriate staffing to the video game rooms of those conventions; or providing appropriate education and training to native staff on inventory and handling inside a convention setting.

News & Reviews – Promoting the love of video gaming by sharing our experiences with games and hardware as well as discussing new developments that are coming out that relate to video gaming. This project also manages our official social media and web presence.

Tournament Hosting – We also host occasional video game tournaments both online and at conventions. While our capability at the present time is a bit limited, this is an area that we are looking at growing.

Our Inventory


Requested Donations

The Video Game Library accepts a variety of games and consoles, and we have prepared a wishlist for most desirable games / consoles / accessories. Due to limited storage space, we are not accepting handhelds (e.g. GameBoy, DS, 3DS, GameGear, etc…) or games for handhelds. If you have any items for donation, you can reach out to us at an event we are attending, or by using the information in the “Contact Us” field above.

Library Rental

Due to COVID-19, the Mindbridge Video Game Library is not currently offering rentals at this time. The Library Committee will make an announcement on when we resume rentals.

The Video Game Library offers its collection of games and consoles available for rent by other organizations and individuals. The following prices are:

$50 for a TV, video game console, and games and other gear appropriate.
$25 for a console, games, and other appropriate gear and accessories.

Rentals cap off at $500; after that point you won’t be charged for any additional rentals. If you are a non-profit, we also offer a 20% discount.

The event and/or individual renting is responsible for ensuring that all games and equipment are returned in satisfactory condition, and may be subject to fines or replacement fees for any lost, missing, or damaged items. Transportation to and from the event and the availability of attendant is negotiable.

Check Out Procedure

To borrow a game from the library, request the game you would like to use at the Library desk at the event which you are attending. The attendant will find the game and will mark your badge number on the checkout sheet, as well as hold onto your badge. If you would like to take the game to another room, you will need to provide some item of value (ID, keys, etc.) as collateral, which the attendant will keep until you return the game. You will be asked for a time that you intend to return the game. Please be considerate and return the game in a timely manner so that others may also use it. Games are due before the end of the day they are checked out. When you return the game, the attendant will review the game with you for missing pieces or damage, and if the game is in satisfactory condition, we will return your badge and/or collateral item and mark the game as returned. Games returned in unsatisfactory condition may be subject to fines or replacement fees, as determined by the attendant.