October 2022 Minutes

Mindbridge Meeting Minutes Oct 5th, 2022

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jon): Up $8,644
  2. IT Officer (Adam): n/a
  3. Storage Manager (Pat)
  4. Convention Reports
    1. ICON (Oct 14-16, 2022)
      1. Next meeting Oct 8th 10am in person and online Coralville library
      2. Afterwards meeting at the Locker to tag for ICON
        1. Please attend or make sure that someone is sent with very clear instructions
    2. Gamicon (Next Gamicon Feb 24-26, 2023)
      1. Oct 23rd at 6pm on Discord
      2. Discussed Covid policy
      3. No Room Party at ICON
    3. AnimeIowa (July 28-30, 2023)
      1. Oct 8th at 2pm virtual only
      2. Lots of interest in leadership
      3. Working on updating Manifesto and Handbook.
  5. Other Projects
    1. Game Library (Michele): Game Library inventory at ICON
    2. Video Game Library (Adam): n/a
    3. Book Group: October 10 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm The Return of the Pharaoh: From the Reminiscences of John H. Watson, M.D. by Nicholas Meyer: Online, please talk to Cath or Michele for link if needed
  6. Old Business
    1. Vote on ICON 48 Proposal-Vote Passed
    2. Tony Stepping Down as Mindbridge President as of Nov
      1. Until a new president is available, we are going to perform the presidency as rotation until such time.
      2. Rotation will be Sheril, Amanda, Jenny, Tony, Robin
  7. New Business
    1. QR Code Generation Service – Tony can provide, would be useful for the full mindbridge membership. Currently assessing it, would cost Mindbridge as a whole $100/year, but provides not only quality QR codes, but utilization statistics, mobile-friendly usage support, and data storage.
    2. Expect new Google meeting invites for future meetings.
    3. Team Gamicon is running an Extra Life event the week after ICON.
      1. What: Free event with great games, costume contest and prizes! All money raised will go to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital.
      2. Where: Grace Community Church, North Liberty
      3. When: Oct 22, 10 AM – 4 PM
  8. Next Meeting: Open Mindbridge Meeting ICON Sunday 16th at 1PM