Mindbridge SuperCommittee Meeting at ICON46

Mindbridge meeting minutes at ICON Oct 16, 2021 (SuperCommittee and General)

  1. Called to order by Tony Penticoff
  2. Minutes – reading waived
  3. Discussion about projects, Conventions, will be covered in more detail at the November meeting.
  4. Board of Directors:
    1. Jenny Carhoff was elected by the BOD & ConCOn/Exec’s to replace John Johnson who did not run for reelection.
    2. John Johnson is still secretary for now, looking for a new secretary to work with John to take over the position
  5. Wording on how the SuperCommittee (BOD + ConCOm/exec’s) works is planned to be submitted at the November meeting for voting at the December meeting
  6. Meeting adjourned