Mindbridge Super Committee Meeting at ICON39

  1. Mindbridge table at ICON needs scheduled staffing
  2. AI gets new Quality Care 10×20 locker
    1. 1st month approved
    2. Give AI old gridwall
  3. Purchase new flats for MB
    1. possibly one of:
      1. pegboard and PVC
      2. PVC and chicken wire or large fencing
      3. cow fencing
      4. chains and PVC
    2. Thoughts – lighter, easier to setup.
  4. Identify each department’s inventory, clearly label all tubs with Inventory.
  5. Jon Maakestad – makes checkout/checkin form and enforces for 1st year. (Enforce if you fail – can’t have again. Also, against CON not individual).
  6. Need Logistics Coordinator – Shawn Johnson offered
  7. Relabel Tubs – Online Google Doc – Shawn Johnson. We should talk to Marty Milder first)
  8. Locks on equipment tubs
  9. Supercommittee – Michelle McKibben is re-established and voted in for 2 years ending at ICON 41
  10. Michele Maakestad was nominated to… ha-ha….
  11. Art Museum – ICON 40 – get in for free with ICON badge, cost MB about $500. Approved.