Game Review: Cosmic Cows

CosmicCowsCosmic Cows
Playroom, 2001

Cosmic Cows is a fun, silly, 2-player game. You and your opponent are aliens attempting to abduct cows. How much better can it get? You move the cows along the track using Yahtzee like dice rolls, attempting to pull the cows into your mothership. This results in a kind of tug of war with tractor beams and cows. The first person to get 3 cows into their ship wins.

I once went to a casino and played a penny slot with a theme of aliens abducting cows. It was hysterical and I won money. So I *may* be partial to cow abducting alien games. Just sayin’. I think the theme is hysterical, it comes with 10 cute little plastic cows, and 10 dice, and a nice easy to understand board.

If you like Yahtzee, then you will like the mechanics of Cosmic Cows. As I have said before, dice kinda hate me, but I still like this game a lot. It’s simple, plays quick and will bring smiles to the table.  So if you’re looking for a quirky, fun, quick 2-player, or just need something to spice up your Yahtzee fetish, pick up Cosmic Cows.

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