Mindbridge General Meeting at ICON 39

  1. Fancy (Silly) Hat Parties “Tea”
    1. Unbirthday Party – Alice in Wonderland
    2. Mad Hatter
    3. Date of Publication anniversary as possible date
    4. Dept. of Silly Hats
  2. Maker / Craft Party (*budget), could be at ARC of Southeast Iowa
  3. More weekend activities
  4. Wizard of OZ party at Cath & Bryon’s: 114 years old book Nov 24
  5. Gamicon Sponsors – maybe have more votes for New Gamicon Name
  6. Thoughts
    1. AI – Free talking GPS enabled Pikachu and cup of Espresso to each unattended child
    2. ICON – talking Dalek’s and cup of Espresso
    3. Gamicon – Customized Fuzzy Dice 7+under, hard dice 7+ and cup of Espresso
  7. John Johnson will help with ICON 59 to keep tradition of his being on ConCom for ICON 19 and 39.
  8. MB Volunteer Points were on stolen computers. Please contact Michelle with info on your points.
  9. ICON Treasury information was also on stolen computer.m for more information.