Attendees: Megan Daly, Pat McCauley, Robin Buskirk, Bryon Stump, Josh Elliott, Lindsay Elliott, Jenny Todd, Christine Cromwell, David Leach, Marty Milder

  1. Discussed anime Iowa moving dates in the future(we want them to move to a better weekend).
  2. ICON sent out a postcard
  3. Gamicon is AWESOME!
  4. Pre-Planning Committee meeting April 11th at 11 am at the Mariott
  5. Old Business
    1. All qualms about insurance were put to rest by Christine
    2. a revised Mindbridge Copyright policy was put forth by Josh Elliott
    3. it was voted satisfactory and will now be sent to a lawyer to be vetted
    4. copies at this time are available from Josh for perusal
  6. New Business
    1. Request for the website to show the date,time and place for out next membership meeting in a prominent place on the front page, and to re-examine the right most sidebar of the front page for out of date information
    2. No information on the annual meeting was available
    3. Josh Elliott presented preliminary policies for mailing list and cash handling, is looking for people to assist with writing them.
    4. Josh Elliott presented a preliminary “Mindbridge Workshop weekend” event that would not be a convention but a staff retreat type event
    5. He will try to put forth the bid for it next month (and then vote on it the month afterwards)
    6. the Next few meeting places were discussed and the next meeting is at Casa Lynch at 7pm the first wednesday of may, the June meeting will be at ICPL again at 6pm and the july meeting will be the 2nd Saturday in july (to avoid the 4th of july) hopefully at ICPL or if we can find a better location in the meantime.
    7. Marty put forth the date of may 16th, as the tenative date for storage locker clean out, if this date doesnt work for you please let Marty know.

Mindbridge minutes Wednesday, April 5, 2006

  • The meeting was held in Cedar Rapids at 7:00 pm, in the home of Denny Lynch
  • The meeting was called to order by Catherine Schaff-Stump
  • Treasures report, supplied by Jon Maakestad, was read by Christine Cromwell.
    • checking account balance: $9,622.30
    • AnimeIowa account balance: $18,507.00
    • ICON account balance: $695.80
  • Gamicon report and bid vote
    • there is only one bid to vote on
    • Catherine Schaff-Stump asked if the goal will be to increase attendance or to maintain the status quo
    • Steve Tait said he was interested in advertising, like writing to gamers magazines
    • Fred Coverdill asked what we do outside of a postcard flyer for advertising
    • John Frick said they were planning to send out postcards, flyers, and a second postcard
    • Brian Womachka and Steve will help with advertising
    • Catherine asked Brian if there was anything else
    • Brian said the budget was balanced, they should make $100 profit, and have an attendance goal of 266
    • Steve asked if we had weather insurance
    • Cath said not, just insurance for terrible things like injuries
    • Brian added, or hotel cancelations
    • Cath held the vote, there were 10 votes and 4 proxies approving the Gamicon bid, no opposed, and no Joshes
    • a question was asked if we knew the guest of honor
    • Brian said they were waiting until it was official
    • Denny Lynch suggested inviting Miyazaki
  • ICON report by John Frick
    • John Frick said the contracts are signed for the artist and guest of honor
    • registrations are being sold
    • there is a positive bank balance
    • things are coming along well
    • Jennifer Todd asked where information will be posted
    • John said on the ICON list (on the ICON Yahoo group)
  • Preplanning Committee report by Catherine Schaff-Stump
    • ICON:
      • there is a bid with the Clarion, with Zazaa, the Clarion is under new management
      • Shannon Finnegan was to send an ICON bid for 2007 to Michele and Jon this week
    • AnimeIowa:
      • Laura Thomas replaces Ryan Hammel for AnimeIowa Preplanning
      • Steve Tait asked about the absent member policy
      • Cath said the board can decide to waive the normal attendance
      • John Frick would like to volunteer to sit in on meeting for ICON to learn how to run cons
      • Cath reminded everyone that AnimeIowa does have a continuity, and there are about 350 people who attend ICON from which to draw new people, but there is a “graying of cons” taking place all over
      • Fred Coverdill suggested contacting high school students
      • Cath still thinks the current base is the best place to draw from
      • John said it would be good to get better guests
      • Cath said it would be good to build towards this goal
      • Marty Milder said better guests cost more money, with a limited budget can we do this?
      • Cath said we need to ask ICON attendees, we need a poll to see what they want more, to see a guest or to hang out with their buddies
      • Steve said, rather than a guest, ICON 13 had a guest fandom, 25-30 people said they never knew there was a SciFi Convention in Iowa City
      • Brian said Critical Hits Games in Coralville had never heard of Gamicon
  • Old business – Art Show and copyright policy
    • Cath said we will vote on it next month (May meeting) The policy goal is to make up legal
    • both Denny Lynch and Jenny Todd talked bout parody art being sold at ICON
    • Bryan Stump said it is not legal, for example, Miyazaki is now with Disney
    • Steve Tait asked about selling mass produced, used art
    • Cath said it isn’t allowed, that is more of an auction item
    • enny said the movie industry want to eliminate videos, DVDs, CDs, and sheet music, from second hand sales
    • Jenny asked about the Dealers Room
    • Cath said the Dealers Room has not been addressed yet, it will need a separate policy
    • Marty Milder asked about the scenario that someone, in exchange for art, agrees to donate a sizable amount to a charity
    • Cath said to let her know if there are any more issues and it will be put on the agenda for next month
    • the reason for the policy is that both AnimeIowa and ICON get a cut from the art show
  • Old business – storage locker inventory
    • Marty Milder will set a time in early May to take an inventory
  • New business – personnel issues
    • 1we will need a new treasurer within a year, March 2007, the books and receipts are organized well
    • Christine Cromwell said she prefers being a treasurer over a secretary, that is usually what she has been in past organizations, and she holds a Certificate in Accounting from Northwestern University
    • Fred Coverdill said his father, Fred Coverdill Sr, would be willing and able to be the treasurer, Fred talked to his father on his cell phone
    • Steve Tait, lives in Springville (about an hour from Iowa City), but he would be willing to help
    • Cath thinks it would be easier to find a secretary than to find a treasurer
    • 2we will also need a database manager
    • the registration system is dreadful
    • John Frick asked if we need a database vs. access – John has done database but cannot volunteer for management due to his current job
    • Cath said the board needs to look at the issue
    • Cath said Josh Goldsborough also is good
    • Brian Womachka said Jeff Strauss (a Con com member) might be interested
    • Marty Milder said we need to create a document about what exactly is the needed from a database
  • New business – board member terms
    • Ryan Hammel is being replaced as a board member
    • the term is up in October 2006
    • the floor is open for nominations, write or call the board with names
  • New business – board structure
    • currently there are two permanent board members with no number of years given for their terms; two board member positions with 2-year terms who can serve on Con Coms; and one 1-year term board member
    • originally the Mindbridge vision guided the group, now the group itself, the members, guide the vision
    • one suggestion is to have five board members with staggered terms, such as 3-year terms
    • Jenny Todd likes the 1-year rotating term, it is useful
    • John Frick thinks 3-years is excessive, go to 2-year terms
    • Steve Tait thought the permanent board member names were used so that the same names would go on the tax forms each year
    • John said we could have one name repeat from the previous tax year, each time
    • the board will continue discussing this issue/li>
  • Tammy Siler Jones to read in North Liberty
    • Tamara Siler Jones will be reading and signing at the North Liberty Library on Thursday, April 6, 2006, at 7:00 pm.
  • the May 3, 2006 meeting will be in Iowa City at The Mill