Mindbridge minutes Wednesday 6 December 2006

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes from the December 3rd Board Meeting were not read, but they have been posted on the Mindbridge list and on the web site.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    • Checking: $8648.29
    • AnimeIowa: $33,736.39
    • ICON: $4,673.83
    • Gamicon: $743.75
  4. Gamicon Report
    • GM party went well, but a few less GMs signed up than in past years. Anyone want to run a game at Gamicon?
    • Mailer should be coming soon.
    • Contact Jon or Michelle M. if interested in running a game at Gamicon.
  5. AnimeIowa Report
    • Meeting this Saturday, Dec. 9th at the Coralville Convention Center at 2:00 pm
  6. Preplanning Committee Report
    • The committee is currently working on guests for the next Gamicon.
  7. Other Projects
    • Game Library Group needs to have a meeting. They are currently looking into a time and location.
  8. Old Business
    • The new Mindbridge Refund Policy has been posted.
    • The tech group reports that they have purchased a new laptop computer for registration of Mindbridge events. They got a great deal. The membership also authorized funds for the purchase of a second laptop for Mindbridge treasury. $1000 was allocated this purchase and for printers and other accessories.
    • Nominations for the Mindbridge Board Member at Large were accepted.
      • Laura T.
      • Denny L.
    • We are looking into hiring a tax professional to handle Mindbridge finances.
    • New Iowa City Meeting Location. Since the Mill can no longer offer us a meeting space for our monthly meetings, we will be moving to the Iowa City Public Library for the January meeting. Meeting times remain the same.
  9. New Business
    • Discussed changing Mindbridge Bylaws to allow our at Large Board member to on committees and Con Coms.
    • Greg P. petitioned for Mindbridge membership and was accepted.
    • There was some discussion of moving our fiscal year from (Nov 1 to Oct 31) to (Jan 1 to Dec 31). Further discussion once we have an accountant.
    • Greg P. presented a bid for ICON to be held the first weekend in Nov of 2007. A budget and staffing list was presented. There will be a vote on this proposal at the January Mindbridge membership meeting.
    • The proposal for the 1 Day Fan Fest was tabled until Dan W. is able to make his presentation.
    • 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo has contacted us in regards to hosting Mindbridge events. The preplanning committee may want to investigate this option.
    • A suggestion of a January Holiday Mindbridge Party was put forth. Funds are already allocated for such an event. As an alternative, it was suggested that the money might be donated to charity during this holiday season.
  10. Meeting Adjourned
  11. Next Meeting Wednesday, January 3rd at the Iowa City Public Library

Mindbridge minutes Wednesday 1 November 2006

  1. Call to order at 6:06 pm.
  2. Introductions of various and sundry.
  3. Minutes: Cath makes lame excuses.
  4. Treasury Report: Jon gives me the following
    • Checking: $9,169.97
    • AnimeIowa: $34,951.39
    • Icon: $6,225.46
    • Gamicon: $2054.84
  5. Icon Report
    • Final Numbers after everything: $3000 profit
    • 1 week left to get receipts to the con comm before the books close.
  6. Gamicon Report
    • Meeting on Saturday.
    • Hammered out Fantasy Flight and Andy Hopp details.
    • Twenty-four hour gaming room this year!
    • November 19 GM Party at Critical Hits, Coralville, 10am-until they kick us out.
    • Registration will be available then, as will GM sign up. RPGA games. Some board games too.
    • Gaming Library
    • Steve gave out Gamicon fliers to a Marion Gaming group. Also hitting other gaming venues in the Cedar Rapids area. The area has been well peppered.
  7. AnimeIowa Report
    • AI Staff Meeting schedule has been set for the year.
    • August 10-12 is the next AI.
  8. PrePlanning Committee Report
    • Working on getting Steve Jackson for Gamicon Rho
  9. Other Projects
    • Lots of games ran at Icon from the game library.
  10. Old Business
    1. Refund Policy
      • New Improved version which was voted in WILL BE POSTED on the website before our next meeting.
      • New Improved by laws WILL BE POSTED on the website before the website our next meeting
      • Both will be at the Mindbridge Group and Mindbridge.org
    2. Board Members
      • New Board Members are Bryon Stump and Steve Tait.
    3. Mailbox key goes to Brian Womachka. Brian also has storage locker key.
    4. Catherine has to pick up huge box o’ Mindbridge stuff.
    5. Iowa.com ads for conventions are going well.
    6. Nigel wants alcoholics to come to his house. No, really, he needs people to take old Icon liquor.
    7. Mindbridge DVD player: Steve Tait has it.
  11. New Business
    1. Icon
      • Some discussion about Icon bids.
      • One group is looking for Fall, 2007.
      • Interim Icon, March, 2008 is also a possibility. Only 18 months between cons that way.
      • Then return to Fall, 2009.
      • Discussion of moving the con to the spring because of the
      • Nothing yet to come to Mindbridge as a proposal.
    2. One Day Fan Fest
      • Tabled until Dan Wojcik is at the meeting.
      • Marty reminds us of a similar event SWAMP had several years ago Dealer’s room? 12-6?
      • Advertise mostly around campus, get students and Iowa Citians.
    3. World Wide D&D Day at Critical Hits. If you are an old school D&D player, come on down! Official game starts at noon, although things will probably begin at ten(ish).
    4. Mindbridge Meeting at November 19th GM party
      • Jon makes the motion; Steve seconds.
      • Discussion: Henry–what will we do there?
      • Jon: We can tell them what we do.
      • Steve: It’s a membership meeting for those who want another meetin
      • Pro: 9 | Nay: 0 | Abstain: 1
    5. At large Board Member expires. December 6th nominations. January meeting is vote.
      • Nominations Now: Laura Thomas.
    6. New place to meet
      • Library?: Christine Cromwell will reserve January 3, 2007, at the library.
      • December 6th Meeting at Denny’s at 7 due to Mill kaputing on us. (Darned fire code).
    7. Steve: Icon group hopes to have a proposal in for December. Send it to board and we’ll look at it, says Brian.
  12. Meeting adjourned at 6:47 pm.

Action Note:

  • Steve Tait needs to hear from AnimeIowa about what they want on Iowa.com for an ad.
  • Central board address: Mark to Laura.

Mindbridge minutes Wednesday, 3 May 2006

  • The meeting was held in Iowa City at 6:00 pm, at The Mill
  • The meeting was called to order by Catherine Schaff-Stump
  • Treasures report by Jon Maakestad
    • checking account balance: $9,772.30
    • AnimeIowa account balance: $23,164.00
    • ICON account balance: $1,215.80
    • Gamicon account balance: $1,915.74
    • This is actually short a bit, because there is money sitting in Paypal.
  • The minutes from last time were not read by Christine Cromwell, people may read them on the Mindbridge website
  • AnimeIowa report
    • The next meeting will be May 13, 2006, Jon Maakestad said, he also said to have your mother sign up for the masquerade.
    • still completing the contract, we are penciled in at the Paramount in Cedar Rapids (for the masquerade)
    • the convention will be at the Crown Plaza, two blocks from the Paramount
    • Heidi Henson, the logistics person for AnimeIowa, visited the meeting
  • Icon report
    • Josh Elliot said the dealers mailing will be going out in a few weeks
    • Lindsay Jones said things were going well
  • Gamicon report
    • Brian Womachka said the general meeting was held last week
    • they have a flyer ready
    • there is an online panel discussion, a 24 hour gaming room, the survival pack will be back
  • Pre-Planning Committee report
    • Dan Wojcik and James Osvald will be meeting with the Marriott for Icon 32, 2007
    • The proposal has been given to the board
    • They are thinking of holding AnimaIowa 2007 at the Coralville Convention Center, the Convention Center will have a bid for us next month, it will open August 2006
  • Costume Con 24 will be the last weekend in May at Hotel Fort Des Moines
  • Art Show Policy Vote
    • discussion continues regarding copyright issues
    • Bryan Stump said if the art is a parody, and not to make money, but is challenged in court, it usually goes to the ones with the most money, judges have been awarding $150,000 per item
    • Cath Schaff-Stump said the best place for protection is a change of medium, paint pictures of B5 characters, the Andy Warhol effect, if get permission it is okay
    • the Con can display but not sell
    • a vote was held for the art policy: 13 approved, 0 opposed, 2 Joshes (abstained)
    • the art policy will go into effect January 2007
  • Storage locker inventory
    • Marty Milder would like to inventory the storage locker Saturday, May 20 at noon
    • the rain date will be Sunday, May 21, 2006
    • the storage locker is located at the Penn Street Mini Storage, #21 (take exit 4 off I-380 and go east about 1.4 miles, Penn Street Mini Storage is on the left/north side of W Penn Street, 1020 Penn St, North Liberty, IA)
    • we will remove the totes, rearrange
  • Update on personnel issues: Pending board meeting
    • the board will be discussing the following issues:
      • personnel issues
      • board member rotation will be considered, some members are permanent with no end to the position
      • board member to replace Josh Hammel
      • advertising team
      • pre-planning members for con
  • June 2006 meeting
    • Cath Schaff-Stump will be in Russian, congratulations to a new Fulbright Scholar
    • Brian Womachka will run the June meeting
    • the June 2006 meeting will be held at The Mill at 6:00
  • July 2006 meeting
    • there was discussion about the July meeting which is suppose to be in Cedar Rapids or North Liberty
    • originally we were going to alternate between Cedar Rapids (CR Public Library or Denny Lynch’s house) and North Liberty (Pizza Ranch on Dubuque St) every three months
    • some people thought North Liberty was not central enough and that the meeting should be in Cedar Rapids
    • some one suggested having a cook out at Denny Lynch’s house
    • Christine Cromwell will contact Denny to see if we can do this and what he would require of us
  • Bids for AnimeIowa 2007
    • Dan Wojcik is ready to accept bids for AnimeIowa 2007
    • a statement will be added that by attending AnimeIowa, a person gives permission to have their pictures used
    • Tracie Michlin said that we should give everyone an out in case they didn’t want their picture used
    • Jon Maakestad will post three refund policies options for us to look at and consider for con membership
  • meeting was adjourned