September 2021 Minutes

Mindbridge Meeting Minutes Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 7 PM online

  1. Call to Order by Tony Penticoff
  2. The MB Board of Directors met on August 18th and among other things decided to keep doing online only meetings for now.
  3. The board adjusted the ending dates for BOD members to match what the bylaws say they should be, the updated terms are on the Mindbridge web site.
  4. John Johnson’s board seat is up for election in October at ICON.
  5. Minutes – reading waived
  6. Treasurer’s Report – Down about $9k, AI Hotel bill check sent but not cashed.
  7. IT Officer – Some computers need software updates, will be reaching out to Robin.
  8. Convention Reports
    1. ICON (Oct 15-17, 2021)
      1. Jim Hines flight booked as refundable
      2. Staff meeting Saturday Sept 11, 10 AM, online
      3. Convention is October 15-17, 2021, UI Homecoming so get your room reservation in!
    2. Gamicon (Feb 25-27, 2022)
      1. Working on GOH
      2. Staff meeting Sunday, Sep 12, 6 pm on Discord
    3. AnimeIowa (July 22-24, 2022)
      1. Next meeting Saturday Sept 11, 2 pm, online post mortem meeting
  9. Other Projects
    1. Game Library – Game library inventory on Sat Oct 2 or 3 to prep for ICON
    2. Book Group – Monday, Sep 13, 6PM, One-Eyed Jack by Elizabeth Bear
    3. Video Game Library
  10. Old Business: Moved & seconded to approve ICON 47 2022 Concom bid discussion. Passed.
  11. New Business
    1. Board terms adjusted to match the bylaws
    2. Discussion of the date for Super Committee meeting where the BOD and convention Concoms will elect a board member, usually at ICON, adding virtual option this year.
    3. Proposed amendment to bylaws: “Any contract on behalf of Mindbridge and/or a convention must be approved by the BOD before being signed if not previously covered in a convention bid.”

Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 7 PM online