Selchow & Righter, 1986

Now for a blast from the past. Ubi came out in 1986 during the trivia craze from Selchow & Righter, makers of Trivial Pursuit. Today, trivia games are pretty “so-last-year”. They are the kitchy game that gets put out periodically for whatever hot tv/movie commodity is “in” at the time.


But Ubi was a little different. I picked it up at a second hand store and fell in love with it. I am a history buff, and am not too bad with my geography, and for Ubi, you need both. You are asked a trivia question, usually historically based. Then, using a “Reticle” (see picture), you must locate to a degree of precision, where that answer occurred. Get it correct, and you get a section of your Ubi Pyramid. First person to complete their pyramid wins the game. It comes with a cool map with no names, although it does have city/town/landmark denoations like you would find on any normal map.

I’ll admit, it’s from 1986, so questions may be a bit dated, but since most of them are historical in nature anyway, to me it isn’t a problem. My biggest problem with the game is that no one will play it with me. Like history and geography and have a talent for triva? Give Ubi a whirl. If you can find it.