January 2015 Board Minutes

Mindbridge Board Meeting January 7th, 2015 Denny Lynch’s house

  1. Treasurer’s report given
  2. Convention reports:
  3. Gamicon Report
    1. Has over 174 tables scheduled, 2 LARP’s, The Gamers Movies, 1st Annual Hall Costume Contest, over 170 pre-registered attendees, King of Tokyo Tournament, Iowa Steampunk Tea Party, Steve Jackson Games, Pathfinder, Adventurer’s League (5th Ed D&D), Grindhouse and much, much more.
    2. GM Party at Critical Hit Games, Sat. Jan.17, 1-5 pm Last chance to turn in events and Pre-register.
    3. Turned in Gamicon 2016 Bid (Gamicon Magnesium 25th Element for 25th Gamicon) Pat McCauley, Jim Castlebury and Shawn Johnson execs
  4. AnimeIowa Report
    1. AI — Turned in 2016 Bid (Adam Brower, Alyssa Kritz, Jennifer Sample, Alex Phillips and Chris Verlo execs)
    2. July 29-31st, 2016.
    3. Free Staff Memberships for 2016
    4. Sat. Jan.11th 2pm next meeting at Coralville Marriott Staff Recruitment, Forums are working again
  5. ICON Report
    1. Dana Beatty is no longer PR head.
    2. Ideas for 40: NASA Astronaut, Skeptic Panels, Svenghoulie, Vincent Price Daughter, Greg Frost. They need a PR person and a Dealer person.
    3. Reg so far 106 Adult at ICON 39, 2 Youths, 20 volunteer comps, 2 database comps, 4 Benefactors and 1 comp Pro.
  6. It was decided to drop our membership in the Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance.