May 2014 Board Minutes

  1. Attendance: Jon Maakstead, Denny Lynch, John Johnson, Michelle Weinard-McKibben
  2. Sam has resigned from AnimeIowa Com Con and Treasurer.
    1. Jon and Michele Maakstead will help with the treasury at this time.
  3. Adam Brower and Joan Gorden have been offered Board dual position in place of Sam.
  4. Discussion of AnimeIowa getting a professional accountant as Treasurer for next year.
    1. We figured the Com Con had enough duties without adding on Treasurer.
  5. Josh Elliot has been doing the registration and deposits for AI.
  6. Board needs oversight on who will be the AI Treasurer.
    1. There is a mandatory background check on this volunteer position.
  7. Our dear friend Myrna, aka Dragon Lady, has passed away.
    1. Her husband has asked to reuse her membership for another attendee.
    2. The Board believes that her husband should pick out the attendee.
    3. Perhaps the attendee should be from Minnesota where they live.
  8. Mindbridge Board member list needs updating. We should talk to Mark McKibben about this.
  9. ICON will be holding a party room this year at OZ Fest.
  10. Demicon Party held earlier this month.
    1. Our party room was very well attended at the convention.
  11. ICON will be held at the Double Tree in downtown Cedar Rapids in 2015.
    1. It will be Halloween weekend.
  12. Denny had received some negative impressions of Mindbridge Foundation at Demicon.
    1. He will look into this further.