May 2014 Minutes

  1. During June meeting, we will have an opening for a Mindbridge Board member. Please let us know if you would like to run and attend the June meeting.
  2. May 31 is the Mindbridge Annual Membership Meeting. It will be held at the Westfield Cantebury Inn in Coralville. It will be from noon to 5 pm. The game library will be there. Also sandwiches, chips and drink. Please contact with any food concerns and RSVP. Please put MB Annual Lunch in the Subject line.
  3. Treasury Reports were read.
  4. AnimeIowa
    1. Sam and Sally Abba have resigned from Com Con.
    2. Sam has also resigned as Treasurer.
    3. It was send the MB Board that Jen Sample will be an exec.
    4. We have requested that Jen send a letter of application for MB membership.
    5. Need a new AI Treasurer
      1. Jon and Michele are our emergency treasurers at this time. They can write checks for AI.
      2. Recommended that AI hires an accountant for next year.
      3. Note: All treasurer position candidates will be required to pass a background check.
      4. AI is working on a bid for next year.
      5. Execs are redoing the budget for this year. Will send to MB to Denny Lynch.
  5. ICON
    1. There was a party room at Demicon this year. It was well attended. The room was open from 9:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Friday and Saturday.
    2. ICON guest travel arrangements are done for 2014.
    3. Next Icon meeting is May from 1­5 pm at Coralville library.
    4. ICON will also host a room party at OZ Fest.
    5. There was disscussion about possibly having a room party at Convergence.
    6. ICON 2015
      1. Guests of Honor: David Gerrold and Sarah Clemens
      2. Hotel: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cedar Rapids Convention Complex, 350 First Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
      3. Dates: Halloween weekend 2015
  6. Gamicon
    1. May 25th is the next staff meeting for Gamicon.
    2. Guest of Honor for 2015 will be Dan Proctor of Goblinoid Games.
    3. Gamicon Omega, will take place February 20-22, 2015, at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Iowa City (210 S Dubuque Street Iowa City, IA 52240)
  7. Book Group will be discussing Ender’s Game at Coffeesmith’s on May 19 at 6 pm. Our Goodreads group has read a total of 218 books so far.
  8. Film Group (sort of): Denny proposed a group viewing of Godzilla for May 17 and organized it via email. Hopefully those of you who attended had a grand time.
  9. Game Demo held at Hobby Lobby this following Friday. Starts at 5 pm. Michele will be demoing Flux the board game.
  10. Steve Tait would like help running a table at Trek Fest this year. Trek Fest will be on June 28th. Set up is 8 am in the morning. Come and enjoy Trek Fest and help out at our table
  11. AnimeIowa had an inventory locker day this year
  12. Meeting adjourned.