January 2010 Minutes

Attendees: Steve Tait, Denny Lynch, Mark & Michelle McKibben

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes from December Meeting were not read, but have been posted on the Mindbridge list and web site.
  3. Gamicon
    1. Questions were raised by members.
      1. Has a mailing gone out yet?
      2. Have any guests been announced?
  4. AnimeIowa
    1. January meeting on January 9th at 2pm at the Marriot Convention Center.
    2. Park in the ramp otherwise subject to getting a ticket.
  5. ICON 35
    1. Did we send a letter to Doctorow?
    2. Noted that it will be the second weekend in November.
  6. Preplanning Committee: Nothing to report.
  7. Game Library: Nothing to report.
  8. Old Business
    1. NOTE: There was some question on whether or not we had sufficient people present to vote on anything.
    2. Office Space Proposal
      1. Put down payments of $40,000 and finance the rest for 10-20 years.
      2. Hold off on building a second floor and creating a separate office space.
      3. Moving into new space should occur separate from any convention times.
      4. Questions that arose:
        1. Do we have a certain time frame for an offer of buying this space?
        2. How much was insurance and property taxes on this location?
        3. We noted that other questions might still come up from other members that were not present.
    3. Tax Update
      1. Most of the stuff was done by Christine already.
      2. Do we have a portable box or safe deposit box with documents?
      3. If it is a portable box then who was the keys?  We need to look for the nonprofit letter from the government.
    4. Charitable Donations
      1. There was a brief discussion of the various proposals that were sent to the mailing list.
      2. It was mentioned that the board was not necessarily comfortable with a large (e.g. ~$5000) donation given that we are looking into buying office/storage space.
      3. The consensus reached by those present was that the following donations should be made:
        1. $2,000 to the Cedar Rapids Public Library
        2. $500 to Tanager Place
        3. $500 each to the Coralville Public Library, North Liberty Public Library & Iowa City Public Library
      4. It was further recommended that the money not be tied to specific strings on how it is being spent but that a recommendation/request that it be used for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Anime/Manga materials go with it.
  9. New Business
    1. Michelle McKibben would like to remind members that there is a 6 month limit on submitting any volunteer points earned at any of our conventions.
    2. The group discussed having lanyards and shirts as possible volunteer gifts for points. Michelle is currently looking into the lanyards.  Will discuss with friend about embroidering shirts and get cost estimates.
    3. We also are working on Minebridge buttons to show our support for our group to be worn by members at functions.
    4. Michelle Weinard McKibben was nominated by the group to run for Board.
    5. Questions rose on having the next meeting. We were wondering if we could have a Minebridge meeting at Gamicon on Feb. 13th instead of Feb. 3rd. Would we have space at the convention to have a meeting? Or do we need to pay for a separate room? We also noted that there is an AnimeIowa meeting also on Feb. 13th at 2 pm. Tentative times if possible (?): 10 am Board of Directors and 11 am for Minebridge meeting? Or is our deadline to change it already past?
  10. Next Meeting currently scheduled for Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 6 PM in the Iowa City Public Library.