Attending: Michele, Josh, Lindsay, Kris, Dan, Pat, Ryan, Megan, Christine.
Proxy votes: Jon (Michele) and Steve (Christine).

New Members: Kris Sigsbee and Megan Daley were unanimously voted in as new members and welcomed to the group.

  1. Full reading of minutes was waived, but Josh noted that there was incorrect information in the “Super Committee” section of the minutes.
  2. Treasurer report
    1. Icon: $11,433.02 (books are not yet closed)
    2. Gamicon: $1349.60
    3. Anime Iowa: $4,809.70 (seed money after balance transfer)
    4. Mindbridge: $137,988.58
      1. $67,214.43 in checking
      2. $10,005.0 in savings
      3. $60,769.15 total in CDs.
  3. Gamicon Report
    1. Gamicon Lite #2 will be held January 17, 3rd floor of Iowa Memorial Union, 10am-6pm.  RPGA will be playing games; bring games and sign up for the con!
    2. Hyperion Games have been signed up as guest.
    3. Online registration should be available now!
  4. Anime Iowa Report
    1. Next meeting January 24, Coralville Marriott, 2pm.
    2. ConComm/Staff is rewriting manifesto.
  5. ICON Report
    1. Guests Jim Hines, Heather Bruton.
    2. Theme will be pulp fiction (but not *Pulp Fiction*).
  6. Board of Directors nomination
    1. A. Dan noted that his term will be up in January, but that his seat is designated to be elected at the annual membership meeting in May.  He moved that elections for a special interim term (January meeting-May meeting) be held in January.  This was accepted by board and membership present; Dan was nominated to the position.  Nominations will be open until January meeting.
  7. Secretary position
    1. Megan volunteered to hold the secretary position.
    2. Co-president position will be open starting at the February meeting.  If interested, please make this known by the January meeting.
  8. Bylaws
    1. Josh will be posting links on the Mindbridge listservs to the proposed bylaw revisions (as a google document).
    2. All but one section of revisions is completed; comment and discussion is welcomed.
    3. Discussion and voting will take place at the January membership meeting.
    4. If you are aware of any documents which should be revised, reviewed, or published, please make this known!
    5. Clarification was requested for which events and projects need manifestos.  If a project has been assigned a committee by the board of directors, it needs a manifesto (operating document).  Thus, the book group does not need a manifesto; all three conventions and the game library do.
    6. The proposed changes for membership qualifications were presented and discussed at length; some suggestions were informally proposed.
  9. Capital Expenditure Policy
    1. Capital expenditure policy was submitted (again) by Michele.
    2. Policy was discussed, small edits will be made, and board will vote to approve at its next meeting.
  10. Other business
    1. Book group next meets at 6 pm on December 15 at Coffee Talk Café, Cedar Rapids, to discuss Goblin Quest by Jim Hines.  All are invited.
    2. Next meeting, January 7 at Casa Lynch:
      1. Vote on interim board position (see VI, above).
      2. Vote on by-law revisions (see VIII, above)./li>