Attending: Michele, Josh, Lindsay, Kris, Dan, Pat, Ryan, Megan, Christine.
Proxy votes: Jon (Michele) and Steve (Christine).

New Members: Kris Sigsbee and Megan Daley were unanimously voted in as new members and welcomed to the group.

  1. Full reading of minutes was waived, but Josh noted that there was incorrect information in the “Super Committee” section of the minutes.
  2. Treasurer report
    1. Icon: $11,433.02 (books are not yet closed)
    2. Gamicon: $1349.60
    3. Anime Iowa: $4,809.70 (seed money after balance transfer)
    4. Mindbridge: $137,988.58
      1. $67,214.43 in checking
      2. $10,005.0 in savings
      3. $60,769.15 total in CDs. (more…)