Minutes from December 2007 Meeting

  1. Call to order at 6:05 pm
  1. Minutes from last meeting
  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. $35127.19 Mindbridge
    2. $38546.91 AnimeIowa
    3. $11725.59 Icon
    4. $2532.08 Gamicon
  1. Gamicon
    1. Flier Distributed
    2. Staff Full Up
    3. Not too much going on.
    4. Next two weeks Gamicon meeting
    5. Mondo RPGA events!
    6. Lots of RPGA premieres!
    7. Living Greyhawk
    8. Josh Elliot, LeDon Sweeney, and Jim RPGA judges.
    9. Farmer.
    10. RPGA judges reimbursed $4 through RPGA.
    11. Will be a GM party soon. Last chance for registering events at that time.
    12. Will announce meeting time and location
    13. Website needs work
  1. AnimeIowa
    1. February meeting: February 9th at 2 pm
    2. January programming meeting also
  1. Icon
    1. 32 and 33 are the same as last month.
    2. 23 $16K in $12K out $4K surplus
    3. Fiscal year ended Oct 31, so it’s in this fiscal year.
    4. Lindsay says that the staff is evaluating the last con and getting the staff lined up next year
  1. Preplanning Committee Report
    1. Dates are penciled in for AnimeIowa 2009, not inked in per Laura
    2. Waiting to get a better idea of real costs from AI 2007.
    3. Looking to sign 2009-2011 contract this summer.
    4. Gamicon: Talking with Hero Games as a potential Guest and Andy Brase as a potential guest.
  1. Other Project Reports
    1. Book Group threatens on horizon
    2. Gaming Library is still out there, but hasn’t met for a while.
  1. Old Business
    1. Zombie Prom: Waiting for Christine
    2. Ad: Waiting for Brian
    3. Trailer for art show: Marty is looking.
    4. Updating the Mindbridge Fliers.
      1. Michele needs new photos doing geeky (photogenic) stuff
      2. Should have Mindbridge members.
      3. Look at flier. Email changes. Next Mindbridge files.
      4. Maybe a meeting about to help tinker with flier last week in December.
    5. President: CoPresident Michele in Iowa City. Bryon in Cedar Rapids.
    6. New board member: Denny Lynch: 7 aye. 0 nay. 0 abstain.
    7. At-large: Laura Thomas. Other nominations close in January
  1. New Business

A. Membership

    1. Galen Silversmith wants to petition membership: board members.
    2. Athena Foster would like to be a member. Two meetings.
    3. Lindsay Elliot a member.
    4. Josh Elliot a member

B. Jon will take money for Gamicon.

C. Michele: Customusb.com Flash drives with your organization on them.

1. Address www.customusb.com

2. Phone number 1-800-447-0149

3. Good for volunteers and sponsor gifts

4. Pricing would occur after we gave a data and suggested colors.

5. Some piracy and legal issues. Might need some security issues.

6. Mindbridge USB good idea.

  1. Announcements

A. Anicoz announcement

  1. Meeting Adjourned at 7:55pm.

Next Meeting: January 9, 2008 7 pm at Denny Lynch in Cedar Rapids.