Mindbridge minutes Wednesday 1 November 2006

  1. Call to order at 6:06 pm.
  2. Introductions of various and sundry.
  3. Minutes: Cath makes lame excuses.
  4. Treasury Report: Jon gives me the following
    • Checking: $9,169.97
    • AnimeIowa: $34,951.39
    • Icon: $6,225.46
    • Gamicon: $2054.84
  5. Icon Report
    • Final Numbers after everything: $3000 profit
    • 1 week left to get receipts to the con comm before the books close.
  6. Gamicon Report
    • Meeting on Saturday.
    • Hammered out Fantasy Flight and Andy Hopp details.
    • Twenty-four hour gaming room this year!
    • November 19 GM Party at Critical Hits, Coralville, 10am-until they kick us out.
    • Registration will be available then, as will GM sign up. RPGA games. Some board games too.
    • Gaming Library
    • Steve gave out Gamicon fliers to a Marion Gaming group. Also hitting other gaming venues in the Cedar Rapids area. The area has been well peppered.
  7. AnimeIowa Report
    • AI Staff Meeting schedule has been set for the year.
    • August 10-12 is the next AI.
  8. PrePlanning Committee Report
    • Working on getting Steve Jackson for Gamicon Rho
  9. Other Projects
    • Lots of games ran at Icon from the game library.
  10. Old Business
    1. Refund Policy
      • New Improved version which was voted in WILL BE POSTED on the website before our next meeting.
      • New Improved by laws WILL BE POSTED on the website before the website our next meeting
      • Both will be at the Mindbridge Group and Mindbridge.org
    2. Board Members
      • New Board Members are Bryon Stump and Steve Tait.
    3. Mailbox key goes to Brian Womachka. Brian also has storage locker key.
    4. Catherine has to pick up huge box o’ Mindbridge stuff.
    5. Iowa.com ads for conventions are going well.
    6. Nigel wants alcoholics to come to his house. No, really, he needs people to take old Icon liquor.
    7. Mindbridge DVD player: Steve Tait has it.
  11. New Business
    1. Icon
      • Some discussion about Icon bids.
      • One group is looking for Fall, 2007.
      • Interim Icon, March, 2008 is also a possibility. Only 18 months between cons that way.
      • Then return to Fall, 2009.
      • Discussion of moving the con to the spring because of the
      • Nothing yet to come to Mindbridge as a proposal.
    2. One Day Fan Fest
      • Tabled until Dan Wojcik is at the meeting.
      • Marty reminds us of a similar event SWAMP had several years ago Dealer’s room? 12-6?
      • Advertise mostly around campus, get students and Iowa Citians.
    3. World Wide D&D Day at Critical Hits. If you are an old school D&D player, come on down! Official game starts at noon, although things will probably begin at ten(ish).
    4. Mindbridge Meeting at November 19th GM party
      • Jon makes the motion; Steve seconds.
      • Discussion: Henry–what will we do there?
      • Jon: We can tell them what we do.
      • Steve: It’s a membership meeting for those who want another meetin
      • Pro: 9 | Nay: 0 | Abstain: 1
    5. At large Board Member expires. December 6th nominations. January meeting is vote.
      • Nominations Now: Laura Thomas.
    6. New place to meet
      • Library?: Christine Cromwell will reserve January 3, 2007, at the library.
      • December 6th Meeting at Denny’s at 7 due to Mill kaputing on us. (Darned fire code).
    7. Steve: Icon group hopes to have a proposal in for December. Send it to board and we’ll look at it, says Brian.
  12. Meeting adjourned at 6:47 pm.

Action Note:

  • Steve Tait needs to hear from AnimeIowa about what they want on Iowa.com for an ad.
  • Central board address: Mark to Laura.

Mindbridge Meeting Minutes
Wednesday November 2, 2005
The Mill

  1. Call to order at 6:06pm.
  2. Summary of minutes from October meeting and ICON MB meeting.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Mindbridge Foundation $4,181.05
    2. AnimeIowa $25,404.91
    3. ICON $9,533.87 — this will change very quickly as bills come in and checks go out.
    4. Gamicon $2,027.18
  4. ICON Report
    1. Over all appears to have gone well.
    2. Wylde Nept was a success and thanks to Anthony for supplying the sound system.
    3. Had several people upgrade from the entertainment badge to the weekend pass.
    4. Currently working on new dates and con comm.
    5. New bids
      1. Anthony is the ‘stand in the way and get run over’ guy
      2. Josh is the ‘sit down, Anthony, and shut up for a while’ guy
      3. John Frick — ICON contacts, working with Jen on consuite, and handling something to do with TICC.
      4. Willis Buckles — facilities problems and LARP
      5. Josh Elliot — Dealer’s room, non-LARP gaming
      6. Galen — programming
      7. Sheryl Harper — Hotel Liaison
      8. Lindsay Jones — Registration and Hotel
      9. Ryan Hammel — Mindbridge Liaison — super vote tie-breaker
      10. Dept Heads —
        1. Jori — pubs advertising
        2. Michele M. — Art Show
        3. Charles Pehl — Action
        4. Brian Anderson — Volunteer Wrangler
        5. Michelle Clark — Masquerade
        6. Jenny Todd — Consuite
        7. Marty — Anime Room
        8. Still need to talk to JD about video room
        9. Off World possibly to do shirts again
      11. Budget
        1. Still looking at which hotel: Marriott or Clarion depending on the kind of deal can get
        2. No live performances currently in budget
        3. Looking at including pay pal costs as part of the pay pal registrations instead of eating it
        4. Going to try to sell ads this year
        5. Would like to get rid of alcohol in consuite and instead promote room parties, thus freeing up money for other things
        6. Based on attendance of 380 people and 30 comp’s
    6. ‘What kind of things are you planning to do to get the word out about the convention to increase attendance?’
      1. Advertising through the Gazette
      2. Mailing out as soon as possible
      3. Possible room parties at other conventions
    7. Goal per BoD is to vote on the Bids in December
  5. Gamicon Report
    1. Bid/Budget vote —
      1. Treasurer asked who was going to go out and get the 4 $100 program book ads? Answer: Concom is
      2. 20 yays, 2 opposed, 2 joshing
    2. Website is up
    3. GM party is Dec 17th
  6. AnimeIowa Report
    1. Post Mortem at ICON
    2. Did a brief space tour of the new facilities and everyone seemed happy with it over all.
    3. Concom is taking in emails on who wants to come back and what they want to do. Will be making staff assignments probably around the end of November.
  7. Pre-planning Committee Report
  8. Other project reports
    1. Game library needs to meet in November. If anyone wishes to be involved in the game library contact Michele Maakestad.
    2. National Novel writing month.
  9. Old Business
    1. People and Resource List: Cath sent it around the room for people to fill out their information or add their names and info to the list. Will have it posted on the yahoo group and probably the website as well.
    2. At-Large member vote:
      1. Candidates: Gino Dykstra and Christine Cromwell
      2. Christine Cromwell — 18 votes for and she becomes the new BoD member!
      3. Cath reminded Ryan that it is sort of like Charlie’s Angels now on the BoD because everyone else but him is a girl.
    3. Art Show and Copyright Discussion: Word from the Team? (Josh, DeNae, Ryan, Michele, Jen) — hasn’t had a chance to meet yet so no report.
    4. Advertising Team – Still need 3 people to work on advertising for the conventions, to send out flyers and do publicity – Michele M. is more than willing to give advise to the team but can not be on the team because of a conflict of interest with her job.
  10. New Business
    1. Meetings in Cedar Rapids? Denny Lynch has offered his living room for alternate meetings in CR. Tabled until BoD has had a change to discuss how we will be handling possible non-local proxy members. Question was asked if Denny has Guinness or is willing to get it…
    2. Thank you for everyone who showed up to the meeting and put forth work in making bids.
    3. Marty — Storage Locker woes —
      1. Was not happy with how things were left in there after AI as labels were ripped off some totes, stuff not put in right totes — come spring ‘there will be a day of reckoning’ where everything will be pulled out, possibly new totes purchased, maybe an inventory of the ‘permanent’ stuff.
      2. We don’t have a policy about people buying things and putting them into the storage locker — Marty will think about what the policy should be.
    4. Dan is appointed to pre-planning committee to replace Terry
    5. New members voted in with 1 person joshing:
      1. Megan Harper
      2. John Frick
      3. Lindsey Jones
      4. Josh Elliot
      5. Willis Buckles
      6. Dee Cooper
      7. Fred Coverdill
      8. Andrea Pratt
      9. Joe Pratt
      10. Anthony Hendon
  11. Meeting Adjourned.