Attendees: Bryon, Mark, Michele, Josh, Denny, Lindsay, Steven, Ryan, Pat, Megan, Michelle, Christine, Tobin, Meggan, Kris, and Marty.

  1. October minutes were waived.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    1. Icon: $15,878.77
    2. Gamicon: $1,349.60
    3. Anime Iowa: $44,472.67
    4. Mindbridge: $140,635.96
      1. $72,370 in checking
      2. $10,005 in savings
      3. $10,000, $25,384.57 and $25384.58 in CDs
  3. Gamicon Report:
    1. Lite meeting is November 16th from 1-5 pm.
    2. It will be at Critical Hits in Iowa City.
    3. There is open gaming, so come play.
    4. The mailer is all set to go out soon.
  4. Anime Iowa:
    1. Plans are set in motion.
    2. They had a meeting last Saturday at Icon.
    3. The next meeting is at 2 pm at the Coralville Convention Center on January 24th.
  5. Preplanning:
    1. Josh is currently in charge of Icon and Gamicon.
    2. Not sure who is in charge of Anime Iowa.
    3. Dan Wojick is in charge of Minebridge.
    4. We noted that we need one more Minebridge preplanner for this committee.
  6. Super Committee Meeting
    1. Three pernament positions confirmed/elected to the board were Ryan, Josh, and Steve.
    2. Dan is our current At-Large Board member.
    3. There are going to be two at-large positions for the BoD in the next by-laws update.
  7. Other Business
    1. We are still seeking a Mindbridge Secretary at this time.
    2. The Book Discussion group will be meeting at 6 pm on November 17th. The book is Old Man’s War by John Scalzi.