March 2018 Minutes

Mindbridge Meeting Minutes March 7, 2018 at 7 PM Dennys

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes – approved as posted
  3. Treasurer’s Report – up $20K from last month
  4. Convention Reports
    1. Gamicon
      1. Up 70 attendees from last year to about 500 attendees of which 183 weekend and 30 sponsors,
      2. Had $796 in auction sales for the charity
      3. Income was greater than expenses!
      4. Recap meeting will be March 25 North Liberty Pizza Ranch, 6 pm for food and 6:30 for meeting
      5. Board moved for Mindbridge to match $499 for the charity, seconded and passed.
    2. AnimeIowa
      1. Next staff meeting Sat March 10 at Adventureland Inn, Altoona Iowa at 2 pm
      2. Need assistance with guests, logistics, paneling
      3. Pre-regs up from last year
    3. ICON
      1. Next meeting Saturday April 7, 1:30 PM at BeerBurger in North Liberty
      2. Will have display case at Coralville Public Library in September
      3. Using Rage Grafix in North Liberty for t-shirts this year
      4. Need ConCom for 2019
  5. Other Projects
    1. Game Library (Michele)
      1. had 145 checkouts of 99 games at Gamicon, 196 checkouts of Play to Win games
      2. Tub G will be at Cedar Rapids Public Library for community gaming day
    2. Book Group Monday March 19, Scooter’s Coffee, The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman.
    3. Video Game Library (Adam & Alex)
      1. Was at Gamicon, went well
      2. Looking at a system to check out/in games
  6. Old Business
    1. Capital Request (ICON) (John) Sparkbooth Photobooth Software and setup – Board moved, seconded and passed to spend $296.98 plus tax
    2. Capital Requests (AnimeIowa)(Adam)
      1. Tech Request: moved to approve without? TV’s or? projectors for $3620, seconded and passed
      2. Laptops/tablets – Moved to defer until the April meeting pending inventory of current laptops/tablets and their usage. Seconded and passed.
    3. Mindbridge Technology Usage Policy (Adam) – Board moved, seconded and passed
    4. Storage Locker Discussion (Jon) – “Freeze” storage locker content changes by other conventions/projects a month before a convention
  7. New Business
    1. ICON items (Jenny) – would like additional marchers for:
      1. Saturday June 30 Trekfest Parade
      2. Wednesday July 4, Coralville Parade
    2. Year End Treasurer Retreat: When – Sunday March 25, Noon; Where – TBD