November 2017 Minutes

Mindbridge Meeting – November 1, 2017 at 7 pm Denny Lynch Casa

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes – approved as posted
  3. Treasurer’s Report – lot less money than last month, all ICON and AI bills are paid.
  4. Convention Reports
    1. ICON
      1. All bills paid.
      2. Next meeting Sat Nov 18, 1:30 PM, Coralville Public Library – ICON 42 recap, ICON 43 kickoff
      3. Looking for volunteers
    2. Gamicon
      1. Have GOH’s
      2. GM letters sent;
      3. Tim send out plea for next year ConCom
      4. Will have Settlers of Cattan tournament
      5. Next meeting Sunday Nov 19, noon at North Liberty Pizza Ranch
    3. AnimeIowa
      1. Next meeting Sat Nov 11th, 2 pm, Waterfront HyVee Iowa City
      2. Execs are looking in detail at contracts
      3. Looking for rumbas and inflatable Deleks
  5. Other Projects
    1. Game Library
      1. Sparkle Kitty, Friday November 3 rd , 5pm, The Hobby Corner, Iowa City.
      2. Wednesday, Nov 8, 4:30 pm at The Hobby Corner in Cedar Rapids
    2. Book Group: Monday, November 20 th , 6 pm, Scooter’s Coffee, orange by Ichigo Takano (Manga).
    3. Video Game Library (Has the missing game been found?) No, Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask Nintendo 64 is missing.
  6. Old Business
    1. Iowa City Book Festival, Saturday October 14 th 10 am – 4 pm (How did it go?)(John)
      1. Talked to over 20 people about Mindbridge, ICON, Gamicon and AnimeIowa
      2. Cath sold all but one of her newly published book by 2 pm.
      3. Definitely worth doing again.
    2. Volunteering for ARC at Kinnick Saturday October 21 st , (How did it go?) (Jon)
      1. Went well, sold 125 gallons of Hot Chocolate
      2. Doing again for remaining home games
    3. Extra-Life Gaming Marathon, The Hobby Corner (IC), Saturday, November 4 th , 10am – Sunday 10am. Moved at Board meeting for matching donation to charity up to $499, seconded, board approved.
  7. New Business
    1. ICON Charity matching? Done.
    2. AI 2017 Final Budget, ICON 42 Final Budget (Jon)
      1. Reminder to conventions that the board wants their final budget at their post mortem meeting.
      2. AI said their final budget is done and will be sent to board soon.
    3. ICON’s final budget will be done by their recap/port mortum meeting on Sat Nov 18th.
    4. Insurance (Jon): The Des Moines IEC finally accepted Mindbridge’s insurance.
    5. Moved to give $2,000 to Iowa City Robotics Team 167 Children of the Corn, Facebook, YouTube. Seconded and passed.
    6. Fannish food contest – At general membership meeting

Next Meeting: December 6th , 2017 at The ARC of Southeast Iowa, 6 pm