July 2017 Minutes

Mindbridge Meeting Minutes for Wednesday July 5, 2017 7 pm Denny Lynch Home

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes – posted online, reading waived.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – we have less money than last month after lots of AI bills.
  4. Convention Reports
    1. AnimeIowa
      1. Doing well overall.
      2. Next AI staff meeting will be Saturday July 15 at 2 pm.
      3. Need staff, offering lots of perks like free registration and food. Contact exec@animeiowa.com or adam@animeiowa.com if you can help.
      4. Mindbridge meeting at AI will be at 11:30 AM on Sunday July 30th, EXP room across from the bridge.
    2. ICON
      1. Next staff meeting Saturday July 8, 2:30 PM at Coralville Public Library(one hour later then usual).
      2. No 43 concom yet.
      3. ICON marched in the Trekfest Parade on Saturday June 24.
      4. Programming committee will be having weekly meetings starting Tuesday July 11th at 5 PM, contact Sara Pitcher or ICON ConCom for the address.
    3. Gamicon
      1. Next staff meeting Sunday August 27, North Liberty Pizza Ranch, 6pm. (no July Gamicon meeting)
      2. Gamicon/Mindbridge room party at AnimeIowa on Saturday night.
  5. Other Projects
    1. Game Library
      1. Friday, July 7th, 5-8 pm The Hobby Corner, Iowa City, Hero Realms and Star Realms.
      2. Saturday, July 8 and Sunday July 9, 5-8 pm The Hobby Corner, Iowa City, Slide Blast.
      3. Saturday July 15 Game Library Inventory starts at 10 AM, North Liberty Rec Center, providing subs for lunch and pizza for dinner.
    2. Book Group – Monday, July 31, 6 pm, Scooter’s Coffee, Staying Dead by Laura Anne Gilman.
    3. Video Game Library (Adam and Alex): Doing well, purchased two Nintendo Switches
  6. Old Business
    1. Trekfest was a success
    2. Carts (Adam and Jon) will be purchasing tonight. Registration cart purchased, assembled and full.
  7. New Business
    1. Fraternization Question (Do we have a policy, should we?) (Adam): Mindbridge does not have a fraternization policy, consensus was we do not need one at this time.
    2. OK’ed to sell old Mindbridge badge wallets for $1.
    3. Jacob Varvle of On Iowa would like gaming at the IMU Wednesday Aug 16-Sat Aug 19 from 9 pm to midnight, got 3 volunteers to run games so far. If interested in helping please contact Jon or Michele Maakestad.

Next Meeting: August 2, 2017 at ARC of Southeast Iowa, Iowa City, 7 PM