March 2016 Minutes

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes – posted online and on list
  3. Treasurer’s Report — we have money.
  4. Convention Reports
    1. Gamicon
      1. 2nd best attendance, 474 people.
      2. Both GOH were great, GOH Tina did $1 sketch in 60 seconds artwork all weekend that people loved, Curt Covert ran games all weekend, had a great time and would be happy to come back.
      3. Hotel infrastructure had issues: pool pump pipe broke leaking water, one of the two elevators was broken most of the weekend.
      4. Masonic Lodge was good, we are getting our security deposit back and they’d be happy for us to come again.
      5. Game auction went well. Do not have a signed hotel contract for next year yet, expect to have one in the next couple of weeks.
    2. AnimeIowa
      1. Next staff meeting: Sat March 12 2pm at the Coralville Marriott.
      2. AI hotel registration should open Monday at 10AM and be full within a couple hours.
    3. ICON
      1. Next staff meeting: Sat March 12 1:30 PM at the Coralville Public Library.
      2. Susan ran a room party at Gamicon Saturday night, went well.
      3. Gregg Parmentier is running an ICON room party at Minicon.
      4. Looking for a programming head.
      5. Added Special Guests – Laura Mixon and Steven Gould.
  5. Other Projects
    1. Game Library: The Hobby Corner Friday March 4 from 5-8 PM, Zooloretto.
    2. Book Group: Monday March 7, 6 pm, Coffeesmiths CR, The Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove
  6. Old Business
    1. Ban policy review (Adam). Being discussed on the list; Adam will consolidate feedback into an updated doc and share on the list, will be voted on at the April meeting.
    2. Board budgeting retreat: Our fiscal year ends this month. Board and convention treasurers meeting Saturday March 19th, Pizza Ranch, North Liberty, 2pm.
    3. Storage Locker cleanup/audit/reorganization Saturday April 9th at 10AM. If you have concerns about what will be there for your convention to use you should be there or have a representative there.
  7. New Business
    1. Complaint from AI Cosplay – Should be resolved by the Storage locker cleanup/audit/reorganization.
    2. Pens – investigating getting logo pens for ICON, Gamicon, Mindbridge; Tracie will ask Brian A to check with a vendor in Mason City.
    3. Jon will talk to Michele about ordering more badge holders.
    4. Author C. J. Cherryh (former ICON GOH) won the SFWA Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award.

Next Meeting: Wed April 6, 2016 at ARC of Southeast Iowa 7 pm (board at 6 pm).