December 2015 Minutes

  1. Board Meeting Minutes
    1. Secretary – board voted John Johnson to be secretary.
    2. Board voted to buy Office for Victoria as the ICON treasurer, John Johnson will handle.
  2. General Meeting Minutes
    1. Treasurer’s Report
      1. We have money.
      2. AI and MB mailboxes paid for another year
    2. Convention Reports
      1. Gamicon
        1. Registration is open.
        2. Getting new dealers, going to smaller 5′ rounds, looking at renting Masonic Temple for Saturday
        3. Jan 10 2016 Gamicon staff meeting will be at Shawn and John’s
      2. AnimeIowa
        1. Special meeting Dec 12, 2 pm in Des Moines.
        2. Registration and panel submissions open.
        3. Adding perks for staff who work at least 12 hours
      3. ICON
        1. ICON 41 staff meeting will be 1:30 pm January 30, 2016 at Coralville Public Library Meeting Room B, 1401 5th Street, Coralville, IA 52241.
        2. ICON 40 recap meeting will follow at the same location.
        3. ICON web site is up and running for registration and hotel room reservations as well as volunteer, art and dealer submissions.
      4. Other Projects
        1. Game Library: Hobby Corner, Friday Dec 4, 5-8 pm, Timeline and Holiday Fluxx
        2. Book Group: Monday Dec 14 6 pm, coffeesmiths, The Warded Man
    3. Old Business
      1. Storage Locker
        1. Looking at doing a cleanup and inventory starting at 10 AM on Saturday April 2 or 9 (specific date TBD).
        2. Asking that this be announced at convention staff meetings.
        3. If you care what’s in the locker and/or available for your convention be there or have a delegate.
    4. New Business
      1. Vote on AnimeIowa 2017 bid and budget: Passed
      2. ARC of SE Iowa is looking for volunteers to help with clients who want to game. Contact Jim Castlebury for information, his email is genefreak AT hotmail DOT com.
      3. Robin Buskirk moved that Adobe Suite be purchased for AI for 1 year at $479 special price. Passed.
    5. Next Meeting: Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 at Denny Lynch’s home, 7 pm. (board at 6 pm).