October 2015 Board Minutes

Mindbridge Board Meeting October 7th, 2015 Iowa City Public Library Room E

  1. Treasurer’s report given
  2. Convention reports
    1. ICON 40 — Registration so far 441. That is awesome. It was announced that ICON 40 will be making it’s own fanzine.
    2. Gamicon Manganese —Registration is up and going. Next meeting is Sunday, October 25th, 6:30 pm North Liberty Pizza Ranch.
    3. AnimeIowa — Final budget turned in. They made $58K. Not bad with Ragbrai and such. Sat. Oct.10th 2pm next meeting at Coralville Marriott.
  3. Old Business
    1. We have had an increase in the cost of the Mailboxes Mindbridge uses. It was approved to pay the increased cost.
    2. We discussed the IC Book Fair and it was decided that it was a good PR/Publicity for Mindbridge.
  4. New Business
    1. We decided on a Board response to a complaint about a Mr. C. Sample. It was decided that Mr. Sample is banned from staffing or volunteering at MB events. He is not allowed voting membership. He also is to be removed from all online groups. This will be in effect from ICON 40 to ICON 41 + 2 weeks, if no more problems occur these restrictions will be removed, if more problems occur then restrictions will become permanent.
    2. AI says they will need possibly 36 total laptops. They also believe they need more shelving.