August 2015 Minutes

  1. Call to Order
  2. Authorization for BWW payment – board approved up to $100 for appetizers to share with general attendees
  3. Minutes from last meeting posted
  4. Treasurer’s Report: We have money, will be less once expected AI bills are paid
  5. Convention Reports
    1. AnimeIowa – convention overall was a success, had some problems, are dealing with them.
    2. ICON
      1. A special Art Show will be at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art and has about 12 artists who have been ICON Artist GOH’s. It will be showing for several months around this fall’s ICON.
      2. Next staff meeting Aug 22, 1:30 pm at ARC of SE Iowa, Sep 12 meeting will be at 1:30 pm at Denny Lynch home
      3. ICON will be October 16-18, 2016 at the Cedar Rapids DoubleTree.
    3. Gamicon – Artist Guest of Honor – Tina Bongorno
  6. Other Projects
    1. Game Library – The Hobby Corner Aug 7th 5-8, Battle Sheep
      1. There were 469 checkouts of 122 different games at AI
      2. Game Library Inventory Saturday Aug 29th 11am-7pm, North Liberty Recreation Center, 520 West Cherry Street, North Liberty, IA 52317
    2. Book group – Monday Aug 31st, 6 pm, Coffeesmith’s, The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
  7. Old Business
    1. Proposal for trademarking Buu-Chan – Adam Brower is handling.
    2. New Business
      1. Incident update and decisions from AI – Denny and Adam have been gathering information, Adam is handling the follow up.
      2. Harassment Policy Update (Adam) – looking at updates for harassment policy, will report back to MB
  8. Next Meeting: Sept 2nd at Denny Lynch’s house, board at 6 pm, general at 7 pm. 68 36th Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404-4056
  9. Meeting adjourned