June 2015 Minutes

  1. Call to order
  2. Minutes
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Convention reports
    1. AnimeIowa
      1. Sat. June 27 2pm meeting at Coralville Marriott.
      2. Need more staff and volunteers
      3. Also looking into updating harassment policy.
    2. ICON – ICON 41 con com announced.
    3. Gamicon – Tracie M. needs Pat or Jim to contact her if they want her to be registration head.
  5. other projects
    1. Game Library The Hobby Corner Friday June 5th 5-8pm Redneck Life
    2. Book Group: Monday June 15th, 6pm Coffeesmiths, Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig.
  6. Old business
    1. Purchasing computers for Mindbridge is done.
    2. Purchasing tech is nearly complete.
  7. New business
    1. Proposal for iPads and Square stands passes.
    2. Proposal for JOF con for Brian and Angie Anderson passes. Requires report and disclaimer signing.
    3. Proposal for funding two tables at Trek fest passes.
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