April 2015 Minutes

  1. Minutes from last meeting online
  2. Tabletop day at Geek City April 11 at 10 am
  3. Gamicon MN theme is Mad Scientists
  4. Book Group read The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker and discussing April 13
  5. All console games have been purchased
  6. AI Tech Request
    1. Grand total with all is $10,535.92.
    2. Moved and seconded to fund for $11,000 for larger screens and LCD case.
    3. Passed.
  7. AI Laptop Request
    1. Discussed, Moved and seconded to fund for $10,000 to purchase 6 of each option with cases, mice, software
    2. Passed.
    3. Adam B. will take responsibility for keeping the laptops up to date, cloud backup, etc.
  8. Alex Phillips voted in as a Mindbridge member.
  9. The May meeting will be a Social gathering to see Avengers Ultron in Cedar Rapids on May 1st around 7 PM, contact Jon Maakestad for details.
  10. The Annual Meeting will be Saturday May 30, 2015 at the Coralville Public Library. We have the room room 9-4 pm.
  11. ICON staff meeting at 10 AM
  12. MB lunch at noon, gaming and/or continue of ICON meeting afterwards
  13. The 7 pm Wednesday June 3 meeting will be at Denny Lynch’s home instead of at ARC.