February 2015 Minutes

  1. Minutes of last meeting approved
  2. Treasurer’s report was read.
  3. Gamicon
    1. Locker run Thursday Feb 19, contact Jim for info
    2. 275 games scheduled
    3. 218 badge count, 10 sponsors
    4. Bag Stuffing Sun Feb 8
    5. Gamicon 2016: will be Feb 26-28, 2016 at Sheraton, got new hotel contacts in January which caused some temporary confusion, new Sales Manager had computer problems which delayed getting OK for several days
  4. AnimeIowa
    1. Staff meeting Feb 14th 2 pm at Marriott
    2. AI 2016 Sparky has stepped down from AI board, will continue to help with staffing
    3. Alex Phillips is new exec
  5. ICON
    1. Lost SD Hintz as GOH
    2. Facebook page and web pages updated for ICON 40, pre-registration and room reservations now live
    3. JJ getting Charity Auction check form Victoria for Rusty Hevelin Collection to help close out ICON 39 books – (done)
    4. Big Check publicity presentation will be done by Dana later.
  6. Other Projects
    1. Game Library
      1. Next demo at Hobby Corner Feb 6, 5 pm: Sutakku
      2. Removed 22 games, requesting 7th tub
    2. Book Group: Monday Feb 16 6 pm, Coffeesmiths, The Slow Regard of Silent Things
  7. Old Business
    1. Purchasing Video Game items for Mindbridge – mostly here now, having to return one for replacement
    2. Board budgeting retreat suggestion Saturday March 14th at ICPL 1-4 PM
  8. New Business
    1. Vote on Gamicon 25 aka Gamicon MN (Manganese) aka Gamicon 2016 – passed
    2. Vote on AnimeIowa 2016 bid – passed

Next meeting March 4th, 2016 at Denny Lynch’s house 7 pm

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