1. Treasurer’s report: MB and all three conventions doing good
  2. AnimeIowa Report
    1. Discussion about staff/exec relations and ways to improve function and flexibility
    2. Numbers 3702 Reg + 194 Dealers = 3896 Attendees
  3. ICON Report
    1. Halloween weekend bad for several dealers and attendees
    2. T-shirts are available for pre-order on web site.
  4. Gamicon report: web site should be up sometime in September
  5. Game Library
    1. about 427 checkouts at AI
    2. used badges as deposits to check out games, used post-its on badges to save time when people returned games
  6. Book Group: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, 6pm on September 15 at Coffeesmith’s.
  7. Old Business
    1. IC Book Fair: Oct 4 10am-5pm – Steve Tait
    2. Membership Cards and Points – JJ going to set up Google form to submit and request points
  8. New Business
    1. New places for Storage/Meetings – discussion, still looking at options; considering purchasing or renting, would like garage door, temperature control, possibly meeting space
    2. Extra Life 24 hour gaming event at The Hobby Corner 8AM Sat Oct 24 to 8 AM Sunday, co-sponsored by Gamicon and THC, charity fundraiser for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.
    3. Iowa City Zombie March – MB & cons are sponsors, Sep 27th at 5 pm
    4. Discussion on purchasing two LCD projectors, cases, spare bulb and screens
      1. Marty has a screen he will donate
      2. Moved, Seconded and passed to purchase two projectors (EPSON PowerLite W17 WXGA recommended by AI), one spare bulb and one screen – John Johnson has.
      3. Looking at options for cases, Jon, John and Brian will investigate.