August 2013 Minutes

Minutes for August 7th Mindbridge Meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes from the July Meeting were not read, but were posted on the Mindbridge website.
  3. Highlights from the Treasurer’s Report were read.
  4. AnimeIowa
    1. Went smoothly.
    2. 3317 paid attendees, 3130 actual attendees.
  5. ICON
    1. Meeting at Denny’s Saturday, August 10th at 6:00 pm.
  6. Gamicon
    1. Meeting September 8th at the Nigel and Susan’s home at 6:30 pm.
    2. Still looking for a guest.
    3. Online Registration starts next week.
  7. Other Projects
    1. Game Library — Well used at AnimeIowa.
    2. Book Group — Monday August 12th at Coffee Smiths in Cedar Rapids at 6 pm. They will be discussing The Antipope by Robert Rankin.
    3. Film Group — Friday, August 16th at the Stump home at 6:30 pm. They will be viewing Curse of the Werewolf.
  8. Old Business
    1. Update on Mindbridge Reads
      1. Top 4 Readers: Michelle McKibben-36 books, Mark McKibben-108 books, Catherine Schaff-Stump-70 books, Michele Maaksted- 55 books.
      2. 335 books read, 1678 to go.
    2. AnimeIowa ConCom vote was held and the bid was accepted.
  9. New Business
    1. Sam Abba is our newest Mindbridge Board member.
    2. There will be a meeting coming in September to discuss modifications to the Mindbridge database.
    3. Mindbridge is looking into purchasing new laptop computers for its projects.
    4. At the September Mindbridge regular meeting, we will be holding our next Geek Food Challenge. Bring a treat with a fanish theme an compete for prizes.
    5. Annual Zombie March is coming up. September 28th in Iowa City.
  10. Adjournment

Next Mindbridge meeting: September 4th at 7 pm at the Denny Lynch home.

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