Pizza at December Meeting

Since our December meeting is so close to the traditional dinner hour; Tracie has graciously offered to get pizza from Little Caesar’s. This is not free pizza, so people who want some will need to bring $5 per person. Additionally, Tracie will need to know how many people will be wanting pizza and what kind of pizza they’d like; so please send her an email by 5pm on Friday, November 30!

Tracie Michlin,

2 thoughts on “Pizza at December Meeting

  1. The December meeting sounds like fun, but if I wasn’t already a Mindbridge member, I wouldn’t know when (date) it was happening. Could we please post the meeting date? Thanks!

  2. Sorry, missed your comment in advance of the meeting. In any case, the December meeting was linked to from this post; but you’re right I should have put the date for it in this post as well. I’ll try to remember that next time something like this happens.

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