Minutes for July11th Mindbridge Meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes from the April Meeting were not read, but are posted on the Mindbridge list and web site.
  3. Highlights from the Treasurer’s Report were read.
  4. AnimeIowa
    1. Coming Up in Two Weeks!
  5. ICON
    1. Website Up!
    2. Jim Hines — Toastmaster
    3. November 2nd — 4th
  6. Gamicon
    1. Next Meeting the last Sunday in August
    2. Guest Info Coming soon!
  7. Other Projects
    1. Game Library — More new games added.
    2. Book Group — July 16th at Coffee Talk Café at 6 pm. They will be discussing Troll Bridge: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen.
    3. Film Group — July 13th at the Denny Lynch home at 6:30 pm. They will be viewing Re-Animator.
  8. Old Business
    1. Planning for our next social event. Going to the Mill for drinks directly after the August Mindbridge meeting.
    2. Mindbridge Polos: New logo and shirts to come from Rage Graphics. Get your orders in through Michele Maakestad.
  9. New Business
    1. Steve and Denny staffed the Mindbridge table at Trek Fest this year. Talked to many people and sold some paperbacks. Made about $40.
    2. Membership voted to buy 8 new 32” televisions for use at both AI and Gamicon. Plans were made for both containers and storage.
    3. Membership voted to approve the AnimeIowa bid for 2013.
    4. Game Library asked to be allowed to use a portion of its budget to invest in kickstarted game development projects. This was approved by the membership.
  10. Adjournment

Next meeting: August 1st at the Iowa City Public Library at 6:00 PM