The Avengers | As you all know, we are NOT having a business meeting this month for Mindbridge. Rather, at the last meeting, it was decided that our May activity would be to take in a showing of The Avengers. The thinking is that a Saturday afternoon showing of Avengers would be great for a couple of reasons–the price will be cheaper if we go before 4pm, and it will give folks more flexibility in their schedules.

The other thing that was suggested at the membership meeting is that we see The Avengers in Cedar Rapids, because we would probably be doing a board game night in Iowa City during the month of June.

We will most likely be attempting to see The Avengers at the Carmike Cinema – Wynnsong 12 on Edgewood across from Westdale Mall on May 5th.  As the movie’s release gets closer, we will post an announcement both here and to our Google Group as the exact showing we plan on attending; though we’re currently thinking a showing around 1:00ish would be best.

We suggest arriving half an hour before showtime if you have aspirations of sitting as a group. Then we’ll herd everybody into the theater as soon as the theater opens seating for the movie.

Hope to see you there!

UPDATED, 03 May 2012: We will be attending the 12:30pm showing on Saturday!