2009 Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting

  1. Josh talks about the progress of Mindbridge over the past year.
    1. Rewritten the by-laws.
    2. Event to get more interest in Mindbridge.
  2. Food was consumed.
  3. Words were spoken.
  4. Election was held.
    1. Each voter was given votes relative to the number of seats open
    2. Winners to the board:
      1. Catherine Schaff-Stump — Two Year Term
      2. Pat McCauley — One Year Term
  5. Reports on Conventions
    1. AnimeIowa
      1. Is using the entire hotel in the Marriot Hotel in Coralville
      2. Word of convention center in Des Moines, but getting along with Coralville Marriott Staff
    2. Gamicon
      1. Looking to grow the convention this year.
      2. Main ballroom space this year.
    3. Icon
      1. It’s coming.
    4. Preplanning – Suggestions for possible guests
      1. Artist — Charles Vess
      2. Writer — Steven Erickson
      3. Author — John Scalzi
      4. Comic Artist — Barb Jacobs
      5. Podcasting — Rachel Swirsky
      6. Artist — Peter Andrew Jones
      7. Comic Artist — Schlock Mercernary
      8. Comic Artist — Terry Beatty
      9. Author — Sarah Prineas
      10. Author — Terry Pratchett
      11. Actor – Michael Emerson
      12. Author — Ellen Kushner
      13. Author — Elizabeth Moon
      14. Mangaka — Kenichi Sonoda
      15. Actor — Zachary Quinto
      16. Author — George R. R. Martin
  6. Noel offered to become Public Relations Officer.
  7. Discussion about how to spend money on new projects.
    1. We would like to do new things, so people with new projects submit a bid by August.
    2. We’re openly saying that we want projects to spend money. (Preferably related to our purpose).
    3. Majority approves an $11,000 operating budget for Mindbridge, and $10,000 budget for special projects.
    4. The Board will provide more details.
  8. Unanimously approved a small change in the by-laws. Members who can not make meetings long-term are to be known as Auxiliary Members, rather than Proxy Members.
  9. Next meeting is June 3rd at the Iowa City Public Library at 6pm.
  10. The July meeting will be held July 11th, location TBD.
  11. Meeting adjourned.