October 2008 Minutes

Attending: Jenny, Bryon, Catherine, Christine, Steve, Josh, Lindsay, Marty, Darla, Peter

  1. Old Business
    1. Vote on new preplanning member rep for mindbridge: Tabled
    2. Larger Storage locker: Marty will report next month
    3. Newsletter Proposal: Ryan will report next month
    4. Bylaws and Board Meetings: tabled
  2. Voting on New Board Members
    1. Discussion at the meeting allowed for suspending the rules concerning the Supercon election of board members
    2. Josh Elliott to Serve a three year Term Replacing Bryon, starting 10/1
    3. Ryan Kopf to Serve a three year Term Replacing Jenny Starting 11/1
  3. New Business
    1. Legal opinion on Art Show Copyright policy: Josh Elliott will be pursuing
    2. the most effective way to protect our org from lawsuits, a provisional $100 was allocated to pay for it
  4. Additional notes
    1. Josh: “We need a secretary, As I am not good at taking notes nor am I very good with the silly rules of the english language.”
    2. Christine: “The current storage locker fees for Penn St Mini Storage: $65 for our current 10 x 10 storage locker & $80 for one twice as large.”
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