August 2008 Minutes

Meeting Minutes — August 6th, 2008
Attended by: Ryan K, Steve T, Christine C, Dave S, Dee, Chris M,, Michelle M, Jon M, Tracie M, Dan, Kate, Jennifer T, Kath S, Bryon S, Darla C, Pat M, Marty M & Peter W

  1. Call to order at 6:00pm.
  2. Minutes from last meeting were waived, and waived at.
  3. Treasurer’s Report was read.
    1. $72835.21 AnimeIowa
    2. $1330.48 Gamicon
    3. $2203.16 ICON
    4. $22413.22 Mindbridge
    5. $25333.19 AnimeIowa CD (final total)
    6. $25333.19 Mindbridge CD (final total)
  4. AnimeIowa 2008
    1. More pre-reg now than attendees in 2005.
  5. AnimeIowa 2009 Bid
    1. AnimeIowa 2009 bid was distributed
    2. Talked about some hotel room related issues
    3. Increases due to airfare increase, hotel cost increases
    4. Motioned that we waive the waiting period before a vote, seconded, motion approved unanimously
    5. Voted to accept the bid as it stands current, and any changes that may occur will be voted on at that point. Seconded. All for, except 3 joshing.
  6. Icon
    1. Is going to happen.
    2. Had many returned addresses from mailer, probably due to flood.
    3. Website has been updated.
    4. Artshow stuff is all out there.
    5. Things are coming along.
  7. Gamicon
    1. Nothing new.
    2. IMU should be open.
  8. Pre-planning Committee Report
    1. Icon 34 is in the loop. No thanksgiving Icon 34 or 36 because of Chambanacon. Haven’t set a date yet.
    2. Tracie stepped down from the pre-planning committee (Mindbridge person). Anyone want to do it?
  9. Other projects reports
    1. Game library is hunky dory
  10. Old Business
    1. Convention T-Shirts — people were wondering where the money was coming from/going to.
      1. Currently, at end-of-year Mindbridge owns and sells the T-shirts past that time.
      2. As long as they go away, no one cares.
      3. Old AI shirt proceeds are going to Cedar Rapids Red Cross Disaster Relief
      4. Can now sell any old T-shirts at other conventions.
      5. Anything sold from Mindbridge tables will still go directly to Mindbridge, because it’s complicated to separate out till money from profits, etc.
      6. Old AI shirts will be at AI table for disaster relief this year, sold by AI
      7. ICON shirts will be at Mindbridge table.
    2. New volunteer point program
      1. Any change in the MP required for a free con membership will not be changed until after the next upcoming convention
      2. Moved to vote to accept it as is, minus 2 joshes.
  11. New Business
    1. President Position
      1. In October Michele will be getting her tonsils out, Bryon will run it.
    2. Proposal to include the name “Mindbridge Foundation”, such as with the phrase “sponsored by Mindbridge Foundation.”
      1. This is our current policy. Remind people to do it.
    3. Proposal to require a checkoff for email newsletter
      1. There is an announcement list already that no one has ever used
      2. We’ll make a new google group for it
      3. Limit of 3 emails per year
      4. List will never be given out or shared, access very limited
      5. Make sure to give fast opt-out method
      6. Ask people to set their spam filters to accept the word Mindbridge
      7. Email check off basically shares the information with Mindbridge
      8. Want a more specific proposal
    4. Discovery Ad
      1. Price this year is $330, same as last year.
      2. Entire 16 county distribution area
      3. Michele will update it
      4. Moved and seconded, third, and fourth’d to do it again.
      5. Tabled CR Library donation discussion
      6. Tabled public relations discussion
      7. All the T-shirts are now in the storage area, along with 7 of 8 of the big black totes. Still many empty containers. Steve was able to close the door. Old totes donated.
      8. Do we need a bigger storage locker: will be discussed next time.
      9. Mindbridge Storage locker location, excluding which locker number, will be put on line.
      10. Possibly a Mindbridge night at the movies. Will be posted to yahoo group.
      11. We discussed cafepress Mindbridge stuff. Chris likely volunteers to make cafepress stuff. Ryan has thought about some for use in the volunteer program.
  12. Announcements?
    1. Another Mindbridge Book Discussion will be held Monday, August 11th @ 6:30pm. They will be discussing Joe Haldeman’s “The Accidental Time Machine”.
    2. We have 3 new banners. Maiden voyage at AnimeIowa.
    3. Next time we’ll be talking about scholarships.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:07pm.
Next meeting is September 3 at 7pm at Denny Lynch’s house. Someone please make reservations, ^_^.