Executive Board Meeting, 3rd December 2006

Minutes for Executive Board Meeting December 3rd 2006

In Attendance:

  • Brian
  • Dan
  • Steve
  • Jennifer
  • Christina
  • Bryon

Last names omitted at the request of those present.

First Item – Taxes

Steve offered to consult a accountant as to the cost of having our taxes done by a professional. He would like to have copies of previous year’s taxes to show what we need done. It was agreed that we were willing to consider expending up to $500 for this service.

Second Item – A Laptop Computer for Treasurer

The Treasurer expressed concern that a computer is needed so that while she is working at conventions she needs to be able to keep track of finances. Previous treasurers have volunteered their own machines for this purpose. Our current treasurer does not own one. Brian offered to do some fact-finding and see what our best price for such an item might be.

Third Item – Combining Meetings

Bryon suggested that in the interest of time, and to make meetings more convenient for out-of-town guests, that we combine the executive and super con meetings each year. We might start the meeting with a report from each con that has concerns or with which the board has concerns. We could then deal with any business the board needs to see to. This meeting would be held on the second Sunday of December each year. This idea will be discussed at the next general Mindbridge meeting.

Fourth Item – Changing the Fiscal Year

The board would like to hear the pros and cons of changing our fiscal year. This idea will also be discussed at the next general Mindbridge meeting.

Fifth Item – Altering By-Laws to allow the At – Large Board member to be on committees and hold other posts in the organization.

It was generally agreed that with the removal of permanent board positions that this restriction is no longer necessary or logical. This idea will also be discussed at the next general Mindbridge meeting and perhaps put to a vote by the general membership.

Sixth Item – Gregg Parmentier’s petition for membership.

As Greg attended ICON this past year and plans to attend the next general membership meeting, he would be eligible for membership under current Mindbridge rules without special consideration. The board saw no need to take any action on this item.

Seventh Item – Cultural Corridor Advertising

With a cost of $25 per event advertised, the Board chose to leave it up to the individual Mindbridge project to decide if they wished to participate with this group.

Eighth Item – Unofficial ICON bid for 2007

Since no bid has been officially made at this time, the Board is happy to be informed, but can take no action.

Meeting End