Welcome to the latest incarnation of the Mindbridge Foundation website. We’ve just upgraded WordPress to the latest version, installed a new gallery plugin and have a new installed a new theme custom crafted for Mindbridge. A couple of quick acknowledgements:

  • Thanks to NASA for everything they do and in particular for the image used to help create our new header graphic.
  • Thanks to Mark Boulton for his article on designing grid systems.
  • Thanks to Michael Angeles for his excellent post on designing blog theme templates from grid systems.
  • Thanks to Mark James for the beautiful Silk icons.
  • Thanks to Justin Tadlockes for the great tips on using custom fields in WordPress.

One quick note about a new feature with this incarnation of the site, we’re now supporting the use of both hCard and hCalendar microformats. This means if you have the Operator extension for Firefox installed and visit our home page, you can use it to export contact, event and address information (e.g. add one of our events to your calendar, including the event’s address). This wouldn’t have been possible without the custom fields tips from Justin Tadlockes mentioned above.

We hope you enjoy using our freshly upgraded site, but if you do happen to run across any problems with it, please use our contact form to let us know!

We are aware of AnimeIowa’s current problems with their website. The AnimeIowa staff has been informed and they are working to correct the problem. If you wish to pre-register for AnimeIowa 2007, please print this PDF file and send to:
AnimeIowa 2007
308 E. Burlington St. PMB# 201
Iowa City, IA 52240

The current pre-registration price for AnimeIowa 2007 is $35. To be eligable for this price, your pre-registration must be postmarked no later than 6/30/2007.

Update 2007-07-05: AnimeIowa’s domain name issues have been resolved. www.animeiowa.com is now working properly.

The website is dead! Long live the website!

What we mean to say is welcome to the new website for the Mindbridge Foundation. If you encounter any problems with the website or have suggestions on what we could do to improve it; please contact us.