Game Review: Redneck Life

RedneckLifeRedneck Life
Gut Bustin’ Games, 2003

Remember “The Game of Life”. We all played it as kids. Get an education, get a job, marry, have kids, make money and try to end the game with the most money. Redneck Life is a hilarious twist on that old favorite. You get an education (2nd to 12th grade), get a job (anything from taxidermist to clerk at the Ciggy Shack), get married, have lots of kids (mostly named Darrell, Darryl, Darrel, etc.) borrow money from “Uncle Clem”, and try to end the game with the most teeth.

Game play is easy-peasy. Roll 2 dice, move your token and do what the space says. If it says “Go Redneckin”, then you draw a “Go Redneckin” card and see what happens. If the space says stop, then you stop and find the chart that tells you step by step what to do.

The game comes with great sets of vehicles from “Uncle Clem’s Rodeo”. You have to purchase enough vehicle space to tote your young’ens around. It also has homes which you have to purchase when you marry. The great thing about both of these is that they are *acutal* real life, no we ain’t lyin’, places and vehicles.

As to actual game play. It’s like life. You roll the dice & do what it says to do. No strategy. HOWEVER, it is a hilarious game. Break out your best redneck accent and role-play your way through this one folks. We have found that as you do this, you’ll find things crop up for people again and again giving them a “theme”. You might be the bass fishing guide, and pick up the trout painted station wagon, and suddenly you’ll find your “Go Rednecking” cards will go with your theme. I know this is random, but it does seem to happen a lot as we play. The last game we played, my 13 year old daughter ended up stealing her first vehicle, drew a card which said she had stolen a bunch of beer from the back of a truck, then she snatched someone else’s vehicle when she lost hers, and drew another card which said she picked up a hitchhiker and robbed him! At the very end of the game, she drew a card where she would have gained $200. Someone took that card from her, so she drew another, and ended up stealing wheelchairs and selling them, making $300. Another player landed on all the moonshine spaces, and every card they drew had something to do with alcohol. Obviously, the town drunk!

So, you may have gathered… This game isn’t PC… REALLY isn’t PC. This game might offend you. It might offend your friends. It probably isn’t good for kids. It might offend your family. But if you aren’t easily offended, pick this one up. It isn’t one you’ll replay with the same people over and over, and the game even comes with an optional rule to roll 3 dice to speed up play. It can run a bit long after awhile. But still, if you get into the role-playing and like to let loose, and aren’t easily offended, give this a go.