Game Review: The World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn

pic1807099_mdThe World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn
Wyrd Miniatures, 2013

Which is cooler?

A glow-in-the-dark pet unicorn that not only flies you to work and school at super speed, but can project movies from its horn and recite any song lyric ever from memory?


A jetpack that runs on  nacho cheese and bakes your favorite cookies as it rushes you to an appointment with your brusque-yet-surprisingly-sensitive masseur, Marvin?

This a lightweight funny card game in the spirit of Apples To Apples and Once Upon A Time. Each person in turn is the “judge”. All players have a hand of strange “Transmog Words”.  The judge has a card with a scenario like the one above. The player on his/her left gets to argue for the first option, the player on his/her right, the second, using one of the cards from their hand in their argument. The person who best convinces the judges will win their played card. Each card has a point value with more difficult words being worth more points. After a set number of rounds, the player with the most points wins the game.

What I love about this game: The creativity and humor. You can run on as long as you like in your argument, as long as you use one word from your hand. Can be hilarious and very entertaining.

What I don’t love about this game: If you have a lot of people playing, you spend a lot of time watching and not participating, and it isn’t that great for the non-storytelling set. And like all games of this nature, is solely dependent on the whim of the judge.

But if you like this sort of storytelling, this is a very funny, enjoyable lightweight game. And can be hugely entertaining for the right crowd.