Game Review: Mystery Rummy

pic592086_mdMystery Rummy
US Games Systems, Inc. 1998

Do you like to play Rummy, but are bored by the same old game every time? Check out this series of Rummy games. In Mystery Rummy, you not only play rummy, but are also trying to be the first to solve a mystery. You can find Mystery Rummy in five variations: Jack the Ripper, Jekyll and Hyde, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld, and Escape from Alcatraz. First published in 1998, these games have been a favorite of mine since their first appearance.

By playing victim, scene, suspect and evidence melds, you build a case against your suspects to convince the authorities of their guilt. Whichever suit has the most cards played when the player goes out is the guilty party, but if all the victims come out first, then the murderer escapes!

Mystery Rummy has a lot more strategy than regular rummy. You want to build your case, but can’t take too much time, and have to manipulate the game to make sure your suspect has the strongest case when you go out.  The games cards have nice artwork and great historical detail and are easy to distinguish so game play isn’t interrupted by the historical overlay. And it isn’t just a “skin” on a standard game. Mystery Rummy offers a great thematic variant, with enough standard gameplay to make it easy to learn, and enough theme to make it interesting and more challenging.

Each of the different variants gives a different flavor. Pick up Al Capone for your gangster game fan, Murders in the Rue Morgue for your horror fan or Jack the Ripper for your Mystery Crime fan. Each one gives a slightly different experience, so pick up the whole set for a unique game experience each time. Highly recommended.