Double Exposure Envoy Program

envoyDo you like to play games and show them to others? Are you a game store or convention that wants people to come do demos? Check out the Double Exposure structured play program at

Double Exposure works with game companies to get games that they offer to individuals in order to have them run and demo the games and game stores and conventions. Many larger companies have “outrider” programs to reward individuals who run their games at these venues, but smaller companies often aren’t able to offer this type of program. Double Exposure’s mission is to offer a group of outriders to these smaller companies, and help facilitate with conventions and game stores to get the word out.

Individuals register with Double Exposure, and have a quick video interview to qualify for the program. Then they can choose the games they would like to run. If you own a copy of the game, you may use yours, or you can request a free game from the company. Either way, you will run a video demo of the game to certify on it. This way the game companies can be assured that they are getting people who really know the game. If you get a free game, you have a required number of appearances that you need to do over the year with that game. If you have your own copy, those requirements are waived. There will be prizes that you can earn with the “points” that you get for your appearances as the program develops more.

I joined the program and have certified on four games: Cutthroat Caverns, Sutakku, Qin and Volt: Robot Battle Arena. I am impressed with the organization and dedication of the folks running the program and highly recommend it to others. They assisted our convention library with support, and made sure that our GM’s were certified on their games before the convention. They also facilitated with the companies that I work with (R&R Games and Smirk and Dagger) to get me T-shirts for those games, a Double Exposure T-shirt, a pin, pen and other swag that I can use to put myself forward as an envoy for my games.

I highly recommend you check them out if you have ever thought of being an outrider for a game company. There are some great games here that aren’t as well known, and could use the PR.