Looney Labs, 2014

Does everything seem kind of crazy around the holidays? I think so, which may be why I have a Looney theme going on here. Just received a copy of Loonacy from Looney Labs. (Thanks!) So we sat down to give it a whirl.

Loonacy is an insanely fast lightweight card game. The object is to get rid of your cards first by matching one of the two pictures from the cards in your hand to the cards on the top of the three discard piles. I think our first game played in 20 seconds. Some of the art may seem familiar if you have played any of the Fluxx games. Not really anything original to this type of game play, but still a quick, fun little game with some entertaining art.

So if you have stuffed yourself on a little too much turkey, and need something to keep you awake and alert, grab Loonacy and a couple of family members or friends, and gear up for a Looney fast game. This would also make a good stocking stuffer for kids you know.