Time and location: Iowa City Public Library, February 4, 2009.
Attending: Christine Cromwell, Megan Daly, Lindsay Elliott, Ryan Kopf, Kris Sigsbee, Bryon Stump, John Frick.
Proxy attendance: Jenny Todd, Michelle McKibben.
Proxy votes: None.
Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

  1. Minutes from January meeting were not read because not completed. Megan resigned as secretary. Lindsay agreed to take minutes for this month’s meeting, and compile minutes for last month’s, once she receives notes from Megan.
  2. Membership rolls were read.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Icon: $4,964.20 (no change from last month)
    2. Gamicon: $1349.73 (no change from last month)
    3. Anime Iowa: $4,318.77 (-$490.93 from last month)
    4. Mindbridge: $134,348.93 TOTAL
      1. $52,279.09 in Mindbridge checking (-$410.00 from last month)
      2. $10,632.70 in convention accounts (A,B,C)
      3. $61,416.70 in CDs
      4. $10,020.44 in savings
  4. Gamicon Report
    1. Gamicon pre-registration has been closed; numbers are significantly down from last year (61 registrations, compared with 100 or so last year at close of pre-reg). Bottom line is that the convention could lose money this year if total attendance numbers end up being down.
    2. Staff believes that this is due to a combination of economic conditions, less publicity overall than previous years, changes in the way RPGA runs (bringing fewer out-of-state attendees), and possibly attendee concerns about IMU.
    3. Promotion has also been a problem; several methods of dispersing fliers and doing publicity were discussed.
    4. That said: dealer registrations are up, the schedule is solid, and have some great prizes and giveaways. Committee is really hoping to attract more attendees, because they feel that they are putting together a fun convention.
  5. AI Report
    1. Dates for registration have been set and will be open soon.
    2. Still filling department staff positions.
    3. More meetings are scheduled.
  6. ICON Report
    1. Little action being taken right now; preliminary meetings and plans are in place for 34.
    2. Members present were unsure whether books had been closed/reports given for 33.
  7. Preplanning Committee
    1. No report.
  8. Art Show Liability Form
    1. Bryon stated that, in reference to the continuing debate about art show copyright, it has been advised that Mindbridge should:
      1. Have artists sign a liability form, releasing Mindbridge and subsidiaries from legal responsibility.
      2. Perform due diligence by inspecting artwork and refusing to sell pieces which appear to be in violation of copyright.
    2. Such a liability form needs to be written.
      1. ACTION: Ryan volunteered to draft a statement which would be included on art show paperwork, and will present to the board.
  9. Gamicon Tau
    1. Bids are open – will be accepted until the March meeting, and voted upon at the time.
    2. One bid that may be put together is looking for a treasurer – please contact Josh Elliott if interested.
    3. Other bids are welcome.
  10. Announcements
    1. Book Group Meeting – Monday, February 23, 6-7pm at Coffee Talk Cafe in Cedar Rapids. Selection: “short story extravaganza” (member-chosen stories).
    2. Film Group Planning Meeting – Please contact Bryon Stump if interested in forming or attending this group. Hope is to set first meeting time at next Mindbridge meeting.
  11. New Member
    1. John Frick was recognized as a new voting member.
  12. Next Meeting: March 4, Casa Lynch, Cedar Rapids.
  13. Meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lindsay Elliott