Do you like Anime?
Do you like conventions?
Ever said to yourself, “how can I help?”

Well here’s your chance!

On Saturday March 20th at 4pm, stop on by the Coralville Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. AnimeIowa will holding a Staff Recruitment Drive.

Find out what the different departments handle!
Don’t want to run a department? That’s ok. Our trained staff can help to ease you into the convention circuit life one foot step at a time. Start out by joining a department and before you know it, you could be running the convention with the support of the Mindbridge Membership and the AnimeIowa Staff!

So come on down on March 20th at 4pm and see if you are the Otaku we are looking for!

Are you interested in movies? Mindbridge is starting a film group! Any film with a fantastic element would be fair game. We’ll meet to pick films a wide range of films that we can Netflix, lend, or rent, and then set a meeting time to discuss those films over coffee after we’ve viewed them on our own. Break out your beret or your Blue Ray, and let’s talk movies. If you’re interested, contact Bryon Stump at