Capital Expenditure Policy

To better enable Mindbridge and it’s projects to manage our tangible assets, we require that certain information be supplied for:

  • Items that require storage space in the storage locker larger than will fit in an 18 gallon tub.
  • Items that will be stored by an individual.
  • Items that require special transportation or storage.
  • Purchase requests of over $500.
  • Items must be usable by at least 2 projects.

The information required will be supplied to the Mindbridge Board of Directors and will be presented at a Mindbridge Foundation regular meeting for review and approval by the membership. The document must include:

  • An inventory of the specific item(s) to be purchased and costs.
  • Specifics on how and who will store and transport the items to each Mindbridge Project that requests use of the items.
  • Signature(s) of individuals accepting responsibility and liability for items to be stored by an individual, and for their upkeep and repair (if necessary).