Smirk & Dagger, 2011

Sutakku is a Japanese themed press your luck dice game. The gameplay is simple. Roll 3 dice, stack them as you can low to high, and decide if you would like to press your luck and continue on, or take your points as they stand. Push to far, and you might go bust. Roll well and stack higher and higher, gaining more points and/or bonus points.

The game comes with a nice Japanese theme. A short story starts off the rules and the dice use Japanese characters. The game is played over 5 rounds, so it can be played quickly. It is a simple to learn, easy, lightweight game. One drawback of the game is it can seem a little like competitive solitare, with no interaction between the players. Much like Farkle with a Japanese theme. However, there is a small card expansion to the game which makes it much more interactive and gives a nice dimension to the game. I highly recommend that if your copy does not come with the expansion that you find a copy and add it to the game. Once this expansion is in place, you will be left with a nice lightweight game that you will want to play again and again.