Dan Wojcik has organized a picnic for Mindbridge, to take place October 13th, 2007 at the Lower City Park in Iowa City, IA Shelter 11 from 10:00am to 6:00pm CST.

Why: Because someone suggested it a few months back and I had the time to set it up.
What can I expect: Sharpen up your brains because we are looking to have a multifaceted picnic folks.

10:00am Book Review: What books should you be looking at.
10:30am Fall TV Review: Look to talk about new shows like the Bionic Woman, Moonlight and Reaper. Also look for returning shows like Heroes, Eureka and Smallville
11:00am – Lunch Money Tournament (unless someone can suggest a better game!)
12:00pm – Lunch is served! (roughly)
01:00pm – Scrabble Tournament (Please bring your scrabble boards as mine is locked up in storage)
02:00pm – Tournament to be named
03:00pm – Mindbridge Meeting (general overview of what is going on)
04:00pm – Apples to Apples Tournament (once again, my copy, in storage)
05:00pm – Eat some more!
06:00pm – Go Home!

The winners of any tournament will win a fabulous prize to be determined by the budget!